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America & Iran lock horns

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It makes us absolutely unexciting that they are at daggers’ drawn once again. Despite countries with exactly opposite cultures, America and Iran do not maintain political equanimity at this point in time. Donald Trump remains utterly suspicious at Iran’s nuclear agenda. Iran has always denied its nuclear program has a military component. However, there was no remedy around doubt. The USA does not mind threatening Iran for its uranium enrichment activities. I find it quite dull that even the strongest brute can become easily powerless before a country which is nowhere standing in front of its military might.

Although Iran has retorted in a forcible way yet there was no impact of its retorts upon Trump’s administration. Patriot missiles have already been dispatched and Trump’s warnings to Iran were sternly harsh. It could be a martial feat as America’s foreign policy has always been ferocious with a carrot and stick approach. Antagonism between the two countries began to worsen when America got rid of exceptions to its sanctions on Iranian oil. In return, Iran threatened to trim down its obvious obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal.

Trump has neither respect for the signature of the previous US government nor keens on showing the utmost respect for the UN Security Council resolutions and other international agreements. Though American’s offer for discussion to sort out differences continued to pour, it has not hesitated to claim without facts that Iran has been mobilizing proxies in Iraq and Syria to attack its forces, thereby stirring talk of war in view of its new deployments.

Trump’s Middle East policy was meant to stop Iranian oil exports and accesses to international banks for it would badly hit the Iranian economy in days to come. At this juncture, Iran seems to have been applied an attitude of never be afraid and always know one’s strength in every odd situation. Coursing carefully through its resources and stepping gracefully on its terrain, Iran sees US deployment of an aircraft carrier, warship, bombers and missile jets to the Middle East merely as a staid propaganda stunt.

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