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Rise of world leaders Rahul ji and Kanahiya ji. Yeah.. Chaiwala. No Way..

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My true inspiration for my existence is Rahul Gandhi and Kanhiya kumar. And a true ideology from which I get inspired is Communist ideology. I admire Communist party of India and I am absolutely against BJP and RSS. BJP/RSS people and its supporters are terrorists oops!! sorry they are fascists and Narendra Modi is one such face. I swear and will prove that I hold on to these commitments made very true to my heart and you can find it out eventually by the time you finish reading this article. I promise like our Rahul Gandhi and his social media brigade that I don’t spread any hatred through this. Anyway, who knew all those who voted a party to power with full majority in 2014 would overnight turn out to be fascists to spread hatred among the people.

As our respected outspoken former prime minister and great economist this world has ever seen stated publicly in a conference that this country resources belong to Muslims. I completely agree with him and I believe he is very true to his heart while saying this. No!! No!! please don’t call the violence happened after this statement as resistance. It was actually a hatred being spread across the country by these fascist forces. The BJP fascist and interim finance minister in 2019 budget very wrongly stated that the national resources belong to poor of this country. And I admire the great Nehru of his innovative thinking to create a votebank in the name of caste among the people who are said to be the real historical and cultural face of this country. This really did not divide people at all but just reminded people of their dire living conditions.

Our congress party and its affiliates like CPM in every way boasts of continuing hoisting the 1906 muslim league flags which was very instrumental and supported a rationale of two nation theory eventually breaking off with the main land as a separate islamic state is for national and social harmony among the citizens. No… I don’t believe that it is for hatred that these fascist forces call it so as I strongly believe that we owe our national resources to only muslims of this country. And I strongly believe that only terrorists who hoist pakistani flags and say pakistan zindabad are true anti national and not these lovely leaders and national parties who hold significant voter base. Now a days women empowerment is very hot topic right. Just few days back congress party inducted a young and dynamic women who had once displayed her half nude body with pakistan flags painted and gave open statement that if pakistan wins the cricket worldcup she would strip nude. I literally got melted by seeing her nationalist sentiments. A party in JK called as NC openly called for those lovely people who here and there blast bombs to support them in current loksabha elections and the party dont have any tieups apart from this. They are so true to their nationalist sentiments. And my true inspiration Kanahiya kumar did not participate in a rally in JNU where ‘Bharat tere tukde honge inshallah inshallah’, ‘Afzal hum sharminda hai. Tera katil zinda hai.’ slogans were shouted. Infact country’s president who gave order on the crusador of peace Afzal guru death sentence was anti-national. BJP’s Bangalore south fascist candidate Tejasvi Surya was absolutely wrong when he said “If you are with Modi, you are national and if you are anti-Modi, you are anti-national”.

It is such an irony that Modi is dead against the country’s own minority citizens that there is no bill or amendment passed in our parliament in last 5 years that goes against our religious minority people. Such a shame is carries so much hatred against his own countrymen. Sorry being patriarchal here read it as countrymen and countrywomen here. Oh wait. Now I can recall that he has introduced one bill that goes against our religious minorities. He and his government introduced triple talaq bill. Oh my god Islam is in danger. Its in such a danger that it prevented our muslim sisters from being divorced on phones, through emails and dragged those lovely husbands to courts for partial trials. And yes he wasted money on some schemes which are against women like Maternity benefits of handing out 6000 rupees to poor women, Nayi Roshni for poor J&K women.

But lets talk about one responsible fascist who is a culprit for everything happening in this country of 1.3 billion people. Modi bhai. As the name itself suggests he is one goonda kind of. Look at what he did. When he came to power in 2014 cancelled licenses of 20000 NGO’s who were carrying out social services and who received completely accounted and transparent foreign funding. No! these NGO’s did not acquire any arms for naxals. They were never involved in blind religious conversions. Congress and their affiliates like the party I get inspired by did not support and helped funding any of these NGO’s.

In fact, in other words Modi made people working for these 20000 NGO’s jobless. Yes it accounted for joblessness India is presumed to be facing and obviously modi has created this joblessness. And these people who got unemployed overnight did not do any harm to society, they did not create any nuisance through riots. There was no violence at all be it tamil nadu, maharashtra or be it west bengal, kerala. Instead these jobless people were a true inspiration for “No Hate campaign”. Modi just did not stop here. He went on to cancel a NGO license which was funded by a the party that I get inspired from where 34 girls were in very very safe hands. Those 34 girls were not raped at all its all false accusations.

And there is nothing called as tax terrorism. Its a sole responsibility of earning middle class to run the country by paying taxes on the income they earn. Modi is simply ruining the country and its economy by not taxing these middle class appropriately. He unnecessarily increased income tax exemption from 2 lakh to 5.5 lakhs (including 50K straight exception for medical and commuting). This hardworking middle class is now getting more money for their enjoyment which contribute to more and more alcohol consumption, expenditure which contribute to concretization of the world and air pollution. No they dont use that extra money for anything else but to screw the world. It just does not stop here. He went on spoiling this middle class and poor class people by his PMAY with CLSS scheme by distributing 2.3 to 2.67 lakhs to those who are further concretizing the world. He further burdened these middle class patients ailing with heart diseases and knee problem by introducing world’s cheapest cap on knee replacement medical equipment and stents.

Modi government did electrify all the 18000 left out villages but what is the use when there are lot of villages and towns in India which do not get 24/7 electricity? and the same Modi who does not even care for this is trying to push for complete electric fleet on indian roads in another 10-12 years. This guy who is our PM-the supreme leader is without any vision. The same visionless guy launched Ayushman Bharat that would help divert government funds to insurance companies and corporates. This was actually supposed to benefit medical treatment of fifty crore poor which potentially increase overall well being of the citizens. But this supreme leader resorted to corruption. Hope you remember the recent rafale loot. A government to government deal will have all documents of the deal with the government so that any government comes to power can access these documents but look at the guts of this supreme leader. He has openly looted the country in the name of rafale.

There are actually thousand things to write against this fascist supreme leader. His government helped in building around 10 crore toilets for poor in 5 long years where as in just 60 years around 6 crore toilets were built. Total expenditure for this is around 50000 crores. Who would waste so much money on human waste to root out 100% open defecation. Shit is shit which need to be released from the body. Be it anywhere. Forgot to mention about our revered river Ganga. Useless creatures like river dolphins are thriving very recently. What a waste of 10000 crore money on cleaning Ganga. But lets not forget that 50000 crore rupees was very effectively used before and kept “No Hate” people happy. Beti bacho beti padhao which is supposed to be awareness program for an attempt to bring down the female sex ratio. But this guy has turned it out to be an election campaigning tool with around 600 crore rupees allocation where in a whopping 350 crores spent just to paste BJP and Modi photos. That apart, just 1.5 crore sukanya samriddhi accounts are opened in last 3 years.

I always get this question. What is the use of getting the citizens open their bank accounts when transactions can happen in cash. Cash transactions are easy with zero corruption. By opening 21 crore accounts Modi simply achieved higher degree of corruption by direct cash transfers of subsidies to people accounts. Obviously he has used it as a election campaign tool to distribute accounted money from government balance sheets. He is just looting tax payers money with this. Along with this Demonetization is his biggest blunder. 130 crore people of this country supported him for 2 months by standing in queues with unverified 100 deaths while standing in queue and at the end all he could achieve is identifying 3 lakh hawala companies only.

What did he achieve by identifying these 3 lakh hawala companies? Was it in the interest of the nation? No not at all. It just blocked some small ticket transactions which run like lakh crores from being transferred outside for terror activities, creating illegal wealth etc. Nothing else. This guy is annihilating the growth prospects of future leaders by eliminating the middlemen. This is sheer misuse of power. How can someone bring in digital growth and defeat the proven age old hawala system.

One big thing which Modi has campaigned for his election mileage is mudra yojana. Mudra yojana is such a worst scheme that one of my close friend who was holding a prestigious white collar job in Maruti dealer showroom technical team has borrowed mudra loans and ventured his own multi brand service centre and has given jobs to 4 people. Sorry for marketing here but do visit his service centre ‘Patil multi brand service centre’ near hosur in Hubli. But where are white collar jobs who take home in 6 digits monthly? These just empower people to become their own bosses but wont give high earning white collar jobs. One guy in america once sold buns with fried snack which later on went to become McDonald. I strongly believe that poor pakoda makers cannot replicate this because they are supported by this fascist mama through mudra yojana. But most importantly Modi has diverted these funds allocated for mudra yojana to fund his brother Nirav modi, his close aid Anil ambani and uncle mallya and I believe that nothing can beat this truth.

GST and IBC are such a useless one nation one tax constitutional amendment tax bill and india bankruptcy code bill which modi alone passed it in the parliament. Democracy suddenly came under threat which is huge blow to the system. All international appreciation were paid propaganda. Only our true inspiration Rahul Gandhi and Kanahiya kumar who hails from a party which granted only verified controlled loans is right about GST and IBC. Its false accusation that they amounted to bad loans. IBC is simply helping Modi’s brothers Nirav modi, Lalit modi and his friends Anil Ambani and Vijay mallya types that assets razed from them are attached for bank recovery and being passed on to these nation’s fugitives.

As an avid political observer my last appeal is please send this fascist back to where he came from. Chaiwala. I feel disgusted about him that he did not make pakodas instead sold chai. Please bring in a very inspiring people born with golden spoon in their mouth to rule our country. Obviously Nehru is instrumental in our very existence because he gave away UNSC membership and proved himself a true statesman. They are true nationalists and work for the progress of our country such that we find 25 crore people living in extreme poverty even after 70 years of Independence. The figures that speak about half of the people were pulled out of extreme poverty in last 5 long years under Modi rule is absolutely false. This is extremism. What right does this guy have to spoil the nation building startegy for bringing 50% i.e. 25 crore people above poverty line?..

Last but not least #VoteKar do not forget to vote. Please mark the dates for your constituency and run to your respective polling booths and vote because the same dictator has already touched this basic right with his #VoteKar campaign. So please go and show the power of being a nationalist and erase the word dictatorship from mera Bharat.

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