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Organised terror in the name of Book

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For over 1300 years, the world faced organised terror, in the name of a supremacist ideology masked in a veil of religion. The world was surprised, because of the common code that includes mindless violence, strict self-governing disciplines, murder, loot and stealing women. The ideology works by rewarding debauchery, masculine wet dreams, multiple partners and mindless violence, blood and gore without having to feel guilty.

The peaceful society had no answer. They lost land, wealth, mothers, sisters and daughters to these beasts.

For an evolved society, stealing is strictly prohibited. To the supremacists, it is allowed. To the Dharmic, touching a woman without her consent is strict no. The supremacists made sex slaves of 1000s, with their religion encouraging them.


To Dharmic, desecration of temples is immorality. Adharmic religionists plundered, looted and destroyed. To Dharmic, duties towards commoner is a clearly mentioned for ruler. For violent religionists people are slaves.

The evolved society had strict common code for war too. The human in an enemy was respected. The adharmic invaders invaded with no code, no honour. The religion that was supposed to instil higher values urged them to kill, rape, plunder and indulge.

Last few decades, the wounded civilisations have started showing resistance to the thuggery called Religion. The supremacist’s ideology is exposing itself every day. The politics to cover their back is exposed and it is impossible to ignore.


Political will is going to be determined to restrict this free run of the murderers, their hate book, urging their indoctrinated murderers to conquer the world. That book should be edited and must be purged of hateful content.

People are impatient. Retaliation seems to be the only option for self-preservation. The level of polarisation that we see in private conversation has roots on what has been going around for 1300 hundred years.

If one group punishes its followers with death for accepting other Dharma, such prescriptions must be destroyed. The book that dictates must be discredited.


Sri Lanka’s bombs attack could be a turning point. Else, another and another and another attack will continue. It may get delayed but it is coming. The terror is going to be emblazoned out. Leaders are too scared to take steps to stop loss of innocent lives.

Time has emanated to take decision for the leaders to stop the supremacists. No amount of political correctness is going to convince the innocent that they are destined to be murdered by the supremacists. The thought that ‘not destroying adharma is adharma in itself’ so, it is utterly necessary to take the path of evolution and reforms.

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