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Gift of Congress party to communist and the politics my victory first and not of Congress

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The decision of Rahul Gandhi, the dynastic leader of congress party to contest also from Wayanad parliamentary constituency in Kerala has lots to celebrate for BJP than for congress party. Obviously the left has to worry a lot as its last fortress- Kerala too is going to crumble thanks to congress party which the left the party had supported and resurrected long ago.

The general secretary of CPIM, Sitaram Yechury, more than the congress party wants to have an understanding with congress party to win 2019 election. But the hard core left leaders opposed such proposal as they saw the writing on the wall that by supporting congress party, the left would disappear and on the other hand congress would gain relevance.

All the opposition parties kept ‘anti-Modi’ plank to join with each other but at the same time also want congress party to play second fiddle to their success.

Indians have seen the ‘anti-Modi’ rhetoric is meant more for power and otherwise none of the regional parties have any vision or programme or agenda for the nation. They all want power to loot, divide the country on caste and religious line and destabilize the mission of India’s development and sab ka vikas initiated by PM Modi.

BJP and Narendra Modi are focusing on development agenda and mission sab ka vikas. The divisive and minority appeasement politics of congress party has really made the party irrelevant nationally but still it exists in some Southern states thanks to the regional parties. Regional parties need congress, only then they can have a symbiotic relationship to loot the nation. UPA 1 and 2 are the best examples.

The latest realization in Amethi constituency has compelled the congress party to re-think as Amethi doesn’t look safe for the dynast anymore. As a result congress party has identified Wayanad parliamentary constituency for the dynast.

In fact, congress party had made the dynast to run away from Amethi to down south which has proved how weak and precarious is congress party under the dynast. The cock and bull story congress may say to justify the dynast contesting from Wayanad, but the bitter truth is the fear of defeat has not just shaken the congress party but its dynast also.

The fear of defeat of the dynast and congress party also has made left to suffer further defeat in Kerala. The left party is fighting its last battle, have seen clearly the fall of Berlin wall and is wary of Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane. The brutal misuse of power towards Hindu sentiments during Sabarimala agitation by CPM has really pushed the left party away from people. Today the left party is struggling to have its last breath in Kerala but the congress party with the announcement of the dynast contesting from Wayanad has pulled the ventilator support from the ailing left party.

The communist party had never expected the congress party to be so cruel and would pull the oxygen pipe from the ailing left in the state of Kerala. By engaging in anti-Modi rhetoric, most of the regional parties would have believed that they can enjoy unconditional support from congress party. But congress party appears to have realized the bitter truth that if regional parties are allowed to grow, congress party would shrink further and may even disappear from terra firma.

With this new enlightenment, congress and other smaller parties have aligned with DMK. In future it would not be DMK government but would be a coalition government where congress party, MDMK, Viduthalai Chiruthai are also going to partners by having their MLA’s as ministers.

Way back in 1999, Sonia Gandhi contested also from Bellary in Karnataka against Sushma Swaraj besides her home constituency Amethi. The entry of Sonia Gandhi in Bellary constituency really polarized the electorates and thereby the pro-Indian, patriotic people went with BJP thus paving the great revival of BJP in Karnataka.

Today the Kerala electorates are centrally divided between left and congress.  But BJP is emerging from grass root level in Kerala. Perhaps congress party would have realized that regional parties are not good for the nation and hence congress party must swiftly want to eliminate all regionals parties and parties that are irrelevant to India like the left. 

The fear of defeat in Amethi as well as the clear intention to eliminate all regional parties for the national interest including the irrelevant left must have made the dynast to contest also from Wayanad.

Kerala electorates will be divided into dynastic political culture versus politics of development, national security, sab ka vikas and patriotism. In this battle the left party will be the first political force in India to receive farewell and bon voyage from Indian politics. 

Definitely congress party has gifted the left by making the dynast to contest from Wayanad. Left party took congress party for granted but it appears congress party has decided to tactfully eliminate all regional parties which is a good sign. In near future, India will be facing bi-polar contest and not the contest of several tukede tukede gangs.

Certainly congress party has exposed its fear and uncertainty of its dynast winning from Amethi and also has exposed its intentions to eliminate all regional parties as they pose instability and hamper the development India as a country.

The fear, confusion, uncertainty and dynastic politics dominated congress party cannot offer development, national security and sab ka vikas. India to prosper and develop, India to remain a very safe and secured country from the terrorists and perpetuators and achieve sab ka vikas, Narendra Modi must be re-elected again as our Prime Minister. Hope people of India will vote Narendra Modi to ensure the agenda of development to continue and not the politics of dynasty, nepotism and corruption.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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