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All a matter of winning

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It is all a matter of winning, whether

it’s the heart, the war or the verbal argument
but, what happens if you lose there
why get disturbed or your temper bent?

Why can’t we deal with our own folks
like we deal with our colleagues or neighbors?
Really, is my love, unconditional?

No, although I aim for it, I can say that it is not,
I yell at my loved one, for not watching what he or she’s sitting on,
not reading carefully, instructions on packages, I whine….
because he or she neglects his or her food habits, and…cares for mine;
but I will not do that to my colleagues or my neighbors.
I ignore what they have or have not done, since they are “others”.

Why don’t I apply this to my dear ones, then?
Smile it off or do it myself when
I notice something needs to be done and he or she hasn’t
because it is more important that it gets done
who cares about who did it…….. none.
Staying calm and serene, I will start to inspire
gradually, if not, no worries, nothing is dire.

Why do I want him or her to be perfect, am I?
I just need to be rational, and ask myself why.

I cannot change others by enforcing the change
but by exemplifying and being at best, myself.
They will notice, and also place my serene and
compassionate behavior on their memory-shelf.

It is essential to remind myself repeatedly
Anger does not take me a step further.
With compassion, I make them feel better.
I must be with them in the way they are
’cause then I love them, above and beyond par.

Through compassion, I endear them, and
help them get better in what they do
Win hearts and smiles, aplenty
Also, see my life improve!

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