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5G dawns upon English cows while we spar at animals

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Of the various scientific and technological advancements enveloping smart skills in the field of electronic science, a few are also reaching the animals prior to the humans. We are still blissful with a 4 G facility extended to us by country’s 2nd largest private telecom company. However, there is country in the world map that provides 5 G benefits to its cows before this facility comes in touch with the humans literally.

How distressing it is that we were fighting over milch animals merely to score political mileage or revenge. We in our great country are still playing politics over animals. It has reached a level of turbulent political issue. Side by side lynching in the name of animals also goes on aimlessly. The value of human beings stands redundant before the animals’ political value.

Just contrary to this kind of perception the cows in Britain secure technological benefits on the living planet. The British cows were going smart in this time of scientific wonders. It is more often reiterated that we were much backward in the technological development. How can we claim of our scientific growth if we remain involved in the political mess? If the British cows are availing 5G benefits, it was certainly due to the British government’s initiative and cooperation with the CISCO Systems. The Rural First project was supported by the CISCO Systems whose director expects to connect the technology with every animal in the future.

As many as 50 cows were fitted with high-tech WiFi 5 G smart collars and ear tags. These smart collars interact with the robotic milking system. The cows are identified by the collar. The cows are milked by the robotics system automatically. The 5 G enabled ear tags monitor cow’s location and health. Westerners definitely think about the future days ahead and that’s why they succeed in reaping the gain in advance.

When the Britishers were entering into India during the time of Emperor Nurruddin Mohd Jehangir, what they demanded from the fourth Great Mughal was neither diamond nor gold nor silver in lieu of their medical service granted to ailing royal prince. They wanted facility to trade in Indian limits. Thus they thought of the future and slowly and steadily established their rule in the country.

In the same way when there were taking place revolutionary changes in the field of electronic science, the British project provides the 5 G wireless facility to the cows. As a result the British cows are now getting the 5 G benefits before the humans plainly.

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