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Woman and the world

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Fayaz Ganie
Fayaz Ganie
Passionate Writer, Author and an aspiring system builder.

The population of women in the world at the time when this is being written, is 3811282000, 49.6% of the total human population of 7690360000. It shows a clear discrimination against women for in many parts of the world a good number of female children are not allowed to live and they are killed in the wombs of their mothers. On account of these practices there is a drastic imbalance in sex ratio in many countries of the world. Thankfully in many countries the female population is more than men which balances the overall world population and makes it near 50:50.

Having said so, still 21st is the century of women; it is the century of women enlightenment, their growth, their liberalization, their modernization, their progress and prosperity. Women started moving up the ladder of social, political, administrative, economic and financial areas of life in the last century and their forward moment continues today and by the end of the century, if the trend continues, women might have taken over men in all the areas of life.

Good news literally, when the discriminated sex of ages and epochs rises up towards progress, prosperity and development it is really good news. Nevertheless, is that good news still when men seem lagging behind? If lagging behind of women is bad news and discriminatory why the same yardstick should not be used for men? When we are searching and working for equality is not lagging behind of men going to be inequality and inequity? How these questions can be answered?

True these questions are genuine and it is imperative that they should be replied before moving ahead. Let’s take the first one, the women didn’t lag behind on their own they, in fact, were made to lag behind forcibly and discriminatorily. Men were the main culprits, if not the only culprits, in making the conditions such where forward, and equal forward movement as that of men, was not possible.

All the hurdles, and worst kind of hurdles, were placed in the way of the woman and she was prevented to show her real worth, power, strength and value. Contrarily, if men are going to lag behind, as they have started doing so in many areas of life, it would be because of their fault, not because of any force or discrimination from women, and there would be no adverse role of women towards that end. This makes moving ahead of women good news anyway for no discrimination or exploitation against is committed.

To the second question it can be stated that yardsticks have not been changed, whichever yardstick we use we come to the conclusion that the progress, development and modernization of women is well deserved by them. Men, if they end up lagging behind will be due to their own complicity. Many men are taught from the outset that they are superior to women in all the faculties and capabilities but once fair play and a similar kind of stage alongwith the same conditions of competition are provided to women the men get outsmarted and end up as the losers thereby becoming the victims of their pride and false ego.

Subsequently the third question can be replied that eventual triumph of women would not be inequality but it will be placing each person at his or her perfect deserving place. The conditions of competition and the rules of the game of life, and diverse areas of life, would still be based on equality and the resultant triumph and victory of women would be the outcome of that equality. In any case, and every case, women would no way be responsible for the fate of the men, or poor fate of men. That makes the poorer state of men, which is a possibility, different from that of women which the women have remained in since the outset and continues to live that way today in many party and pockets of the world.

Another way why the betterment of women, and their taking up of the leadership roles, could be good news as it might make the world a better and peaceful place to live. Men have made the world a miserable and unsustainable place to live. They have fought wars and created violence and wars and violence continue even today. If we call the human history the history of wars it would not be an over or understatement. So much of misery and hardships, death and destruction and losses to property have been caused due to these wars. Men have so far not been able to find a way out from the wars and the violence and instead they are turning out to be the accomplices and active participants in these abnormal acts of human history which have been normalized by men mostly.

It is time to transfer the leadership of the world to women, they may end the violence and wars, and they are the new hopes. Their participation in administration and posts of power has proved them as able administrators and governors. There is no area or field where women have not proved their abilities and capabilities. By no way women are less performing or underperforming than men. They are less corrupt than many men, and are more thoughtful of the generations next. Peace is their attitude and they love, live, aspire and build peace in the world.

One example that can be given is that of the New Zealand Prime Minister, women, who behaved in such an outstanding manner after the Christchurch Terrorist Attack that many men leaders put together could not match her. She has shown the way which might not have been the case had the Prime Minister was a man. When disunity and violence was expected she acted in a way which increased the unity of her country and built more peace, really commendable.

At the end, 21st Century is the century of women empowerment. No doubt there are grave issues, and grave issues, of poverty, discrimination, exploitation and female feticide which make the life and well being of women susceptible and vulnerable. But once the women are on the right road and their movement is well directed they are never going to stop. They are capable of changing the destiny of the world and they will do so, it is hoped.

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Fayaz Ganie
Fayaz Ganie
Passionate Writer, Author and an aspiring system builder.
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