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What am I ashamed of as an Indian!

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My fellow Indians,

Never in my life I’ve been ashamed of my fellow Indians as I am today. Our brave Wing Commander Abhinandan is all set to return to India tomorrow. Pakistan released a statement stating his return owing to heavy diplomatic pressure built by India and its clear intimidation to Pakistan.

It is no “gesture of peace”. 

It is no goodwill on the part of Pakistan.

It is no gracious gift from Pakistan.

It’s a straight and simple following of Geneva Conventions by Pakistan after India’s warning of heavy repercussions on failing to follow the same.


Despite everything and clearly forgetting the Pulwana attack and the ongoing ceasefire violations by Pakistan, several pseudo intellectual Indians are dissing their own nation for fighting against terrorism and blindly accepting this farcical gesture of peace. They are praising Imran Khan for his kind heart and considering him as an epitome of a perfect leader. What’s painful to see is Indians getting trapped in the Pakistani propaganda over social media so easily and not standing up for their country in its most important time. Several journalists who though don’t deserve to be called one are going all out hailing Imran Khan as a hero. If India is divided in itself, how can we expect it to stand tall and strong against any nation harming it through the most dangerous means of terrorism?

Pakistani media and citizens are standing united at this moment to propagate Pakistan’s image of one wanting peace and India’s as one waging war. It’s understandable. Any country would do anything in its merit to serve its interest. What’s disappointing and shameful is that they are clearly successful in doing the same.

And, why?


Because it is us, Indians helping them do so. Social Media is filled with Indians spreading the same lies as Pakistan and bashing India. Many of us, entrapped in their agenda are questioning are own government for standing against a nation fueling terrorism. Self-proclaimed diplomacy experts are all over social media suggesting the government to take actions in accordance with those suggested by Pakistan. Because for them, suddenly Pakistan has washed all of its previous sins and is a country wanting only peace. If they really wanted peace at this moment, why are ceasefire violations still going on? There have been over 32 ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the last two days as revealed by Indian Army Chief in the press conference held today.

People are quick to jump to the conclusion that Pakistan wants peace but what really needs to be assessed is, are they really walking the talk?

We may win several battles and war but will forever fail as a nation if we do not stand united. India at this moment, is a nation filled with citizens who are failing to back it, in its most crucial time. And absolutely nothing can be more shameful than this!

I urge my fellow Indians to be more responsible while using social media to express their opinions. In our attempt to sound liberal and intellectual, let’s not forget the larger national interest.

-Shreya Agrawal

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