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The problem called Pakistan

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Let us acknowledge the truth! We have a problem called Pakistan! This problem vexes the entire South Asian region and even parts of Middle East, Europe and North America. While most Indians are writhing with anger at the moment due to Pulwama attacks, however, it is my belief that the real issue is still something that is been glossed over both by the public and our media.

The real issue is not terrorism! The real issue is Pakistan! Terrorism is merely a tool used by the military industrial complex known as Pakistan to further its political, religious and economic agendas. This military industrial complex is basically the Punjab province of Pakistan that rules over the entire geographical boundaries of Pakistan. While we may want to blame just the Pakistani Army, ISI or any non-state actors operating in Pakistan, but the real problem is the idea of Pakistan derived from two-nation theory and an inherent hatred towards the native cultures of the land.

Surgical or airstrikes are a refreshing and welcoming move by the present Government. But in the larger context it can be equated to taking a Paracetamol to suppress the symptoms and bring down the fever. However, while these pain killers may give us temporary relief the real problem still looms and is shape shifting according to its needs.

We may eliminate as many Lashkar-e-Taibas and Jaish-e-Mohammeds as we desire but the same ideology will once again rise up like a hydra headed social problem with just a different name and packaging. If India wants peace and prosperity, it needs to destroy the idea of Pakistan by adopting various techniques resulting in breaking up of Pakistan and thereafter its demilitarization. Balkanization and demilitarization of Pakistan needs to the doctrine that Indian Government should adopt and seek to achieve. India needs a counter strategy to Pakistan’s doctrine of “Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts”. It is my firm belief that a full scale war with Pakistan at this stage is not advisable as we may not be able to design it in the way we desire but the objective should be towards destroying this shivir of Adharma called Pakistan.

However, notwithstanding my foregoing contention, our military and civilian leadership needs to fully prepare for a confrontation with Pakistan. There are many in India expressing their concerns regarding war with Pakistan and trending hash tags like #NoToWar or #YesToPeace. I would like to remind them that a leadership that is weak and afraid of war ensures the occurrence of war. Dhritarashtra in Mahabharata is the best example to illustrate the above principle. He was scared of war and tried to avoid in order to protect his kingship and the lives of his sons but we all know what happened in the end.

We are once again standing at the crossroads of Dharma and Adharma and heading towards the Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra. The most critical question is that will we realize it in time and come out of our Arjuna syndrome?

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