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The Kashmir obsession and nuclear bogey: An open letter to Arundhati Roy

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Today I came across an article by the liberal godmother Arundhati Roy. The very first line of the article says “Reckless air strikes by India” and then went on to talk about how the air strikes have undone the hard work of the last 70 years by Indian leaders to make Kashmir a bilateral issue and how these strikes have internationalized the issue as the both the states are nuclear powers and thus the world nations would be compelled to intervene to avoid a nuclear war. She then goes on to talk about how Pulwama attack is just another chapter in “bloody Kashmir independence saga” and how Modi has emboldened these terrorists to “control the fate of India and South East Asia”. She then rants about how India is crushing the Kashmir independence struggle despite fighting for her own against Britishers. How “empty theatrics” of Surgical Strikes and Air Strikes are nothing but plot for hyper-nationalist movies and are moves to win elections.

My first reaction after reading this was that in few sentences, how brilliantly she justified and praised the pusillanimous policy of Indian leaders in last 70 years and simultaneously suggested that the current no-nonsense approach is dangerous, jingoistic and wrong. I wonder how people like her are even regarded as “experts” on Kashmir. Forget the obvious hatred for Modi and Indian state for a moment here but even a consistent observer of Kashmir situation in last three decades would tell how flawed her assertions are.

She argues that the attack is “just another chapter in Kashmir Independence struggle”. How did she conclude that? Just because the attack happened in Kashmir? Just because the target was defense forces? How convenient, simplistic and way off the mark! The attack has been conducted by JeM trained terrorist. JeM, unlike Hijbul Mujahideen, does not fight for Kashmir’s independence. Its stated ideology is to wage Jihad against Infidels and non-believers of Islam and establish an Islamic rule. Even the terrorist who carried out the attack stated clearly in his video “this attack is against the cow piss drinkers”. How did she see Kashmir Independence struggle in this statement is beyond the comprehension skills of my human brain. If the fight is for Kashmir Independence then why is it not being fought in the POK? Why Islam is being used to brainwash local youths to wage Jihad? And why have the attacks being carried out in different parts of the country including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Varanasi, Delhi, Bihar and others?

Can somebody explain me how Kashmir issue has been internationalized because of the Air Strikes? Not a single world leader has mentioned Kashmir either while condemning the terrorist attack or while praising the Indian action on terrorist camps across International Border. Not a single word has come out by any of the world leaders regarding the possibility of a nuclear war. But it seems she is hell bent upon reminding the world that how India should not act against terrorism and accept its fate as the perpetrators have nuclear arms.

The truth of the matter is Kashmir Independence struggle has ended long back. Now what are we seeing in Kashmir is nothing but Islamic terror in the name of Jihad and Ghazwa-e-Hind. It is another bloody chapter in the history of cowardly terrorist attacks this country has seen on her soul. These people would like you to believe that terror attacks are happening only because of Kashmir and if we can solve Kashmir problem (read: removing it from India’s map) we would get rid of this problem. They want to keep the Kashmir bogey on to justify terrorists’ and Pakistan’s barbaric acts.

Their tactics is plain and clear. Keep saying Kashmir is a disputed land and wants independence from Indian rule. Justify terrorist acts in the name of Kashmir Independence struggle. Keep shielding Pakistan from any questions and responsibilities. Keep on harping on talks and peaceful resolution. Keep this cycle going. It is easier for them to spread their propaganda and keep the Terrorism Industry going when a friendly Govt. is in power and that’s why Narendra Modi and BJP are the enemies who have to be removed at any cost.

I say Terrorism Industry with great responsibility. We need to understand what is happening here. We have a rouge army which has found a country with over 200 million people taken partitioned away from their roots and culture looking for something larger to associate themselves with. Every human being wants to be associated with something larger than itself, that’s why millions are sports fans, nationalists, social reformers, philosophers and thinkers or associated with religion. With such a big pool of people, it is not difficult to turn just a handful of them into zealots, extremists and terrorists ready to fight in the name of Islam with the support of the state system controlled by the army.

With a constant manpower ensured, funds are collected from all over the world through different means to support them in their activities. More the funds, more the acts; More the acts, more the funds. This ecosystem cannot be sustained without keeping the disputed issues alive where these groups operate under the garb of freedom struggle, or establish Islamic State, or to get rid of Infidels. That is where these activists, intellectuals, thinkers and apologists come into picture. Their job is to make sure that the pot keeps boiling and disputes remain disputes. You would see these people always be part of the problem and never the solution. So while the world burns, these masterminds and their cabal sit pretty on the top of money pile with a glass full of wine.

And now they have found themselves in a World where there are leaders who have the resolve to fight against this industry and defeat it to the end. We would be able to get rid of most of the terrorism in the World if we can defeat the Pakistan army and end this state occupation and bring back the people to their roots of being Sindhi, Pushto, Balochis, Punjabis, a part of the larger Indian culture. It is India, the biggest victim of terrorism, who has to fight this holy war against terrorism while others might/might not support.

The world is busy quibbling over their own interests and discussing the “definition of terrorism” while the world burns ever so faster in front of them. India has finally realized that it cannot wait anymore for the world to come together. Through Surgical Strikes and Air Strikes, we have announced to the world that we will fight back against what we consider terrorism perpetrated on our soil by ignoring the LOC or IB if required. And the world has stood up and supported us wholeheartedly in our resolve. And that is biggest achievement of these Strikes. No longer can the factory keeps on producing the Jihadis and keep attacking us without any consequences. We have raised the costs for planning any attack on Indian soil. We have not only called the Nuclear Bluff of the Rouge army but have also shown them their place.

No longer will this big ancient civilization would be bullied by a petty, immoral gang of goons. No longer we will allow the supporters of terrorism to teach us tolerance, peace which we have taught to the world. No longer we would be sitting ducks for the enemies of humanity to come and strike us whenever they want without any consequences. No longer will we allow these peacenicks to shield the nemesis of terrorism. And since a large part of this credit goes to the leadership of Narendra Modi, that’s why he is the target, he is the enemy. He has to be brought down when the whole world is looking at him to take charge in this decisive battle against the common enemy. And that my friends is the real reason behind such articles. The sad part is many of our fellow Indians, in their hate towards Modi, fall for this propaganda without understanding their intentions and become pawn in the battle against their own nation.

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