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The father of all frauds and the mother of all miseries

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

Mr. Gandhi, you, along with some other 21 good for nothing political parties started exploiting the war like situation between India and Pakistan.

You are the same people who were asking about what Modi is doing about the suicide bombing in Pulwama and also the same people who were congratulating the Indian Air-force after the strike. The next day when an unfortunate incident happened, you changed the colors. Some people like you moved from #howisthejaish to #saynotowar. I did not expect anything less from them. They must have been really sad that nothing went in their favor during the airstrike, but fortunately for them something did happen in their favor a day later. There is something called as taking a stand.

What #SayNoToWar are you talking about? India attacked JeM’s terror camps, which so-called non-military targets did Pakistani Fighter Jets come to attack? Supply points for Indian Army? You did not raise this question, Why? After retaliating on behalf of a terrorist organization, their prime minister is asking for peace talks! What kind of talks is he expecting? You did not raise your voice for this. Why? Its no wonder that some of our own liberal intellectuals were in resonance with him.

But Mr. Rahul Gandhi, with all due respect, don’t you dare shed your crocodile tweets for that brave fighter. You, your family and your party are the reasons why he is there. If it were not for you, he would very well be at his home with his family. Do you know which jet he was flying? He was flying MiG-21-BISON which is an interceptor with limited role as fighter jet. You should go and ask your mommy, why Indian Air force is still using fighter jets of ’60s based on the requirements of the ’50s that should have been phased out at least a decade ago. Your party forced him to fly a “Flying Coffin” or a “Widow Maker”.

At some point, IAF had lost around 200 pilots flying MiG 21. You should go and ask your mommy, why India could not afford newer planes. Today, you very aggressively vouch for HAL, you should go and ask them what took them almost four decades in building a generation four fighter jet, TEJAS. You should read India’s journey from HAL Marut to HAL Tejas and ask yourself why your party preferred fighter jets from foreign countries when HAL was working hard till the ’60s. If only, there were newer jets like Tejas or even Rafale, our fighters would be competing with F-16s with some added tech advantage. You should ask your forefathers as to why they asked so much from the pilots. You should ask them if they kept sticking to MiGs only because they were cheap to maintain and were called People’s Fighters. Your family had enough money to buy helicopters for themselves but not enough to buy improved quality jets for fighters, but you make the Indian fighters fly second generation jets when the world is using fifth generation and Pakistan, fourth generation.

They make sacrifices for ‘pathetic losers with no self respect’.

And what politicization are you talking about? Did you forget how in 2011 your government used IAF to win hearts? The people in there, highlighted the problems and concerns but the all hunky dory video pandered to the audience who don’t believe in logical sense.

Even now you create hurdles in procuring fighter jets. If it weren’t for your party, India would have had state of the art fighter jets by now.

This is not all. You, your family and party have done a lot more damage to India than anyone else. Your party policies are the reasons why terrorist organization like JeM have the audacity to claim that “they did it”. It is your party who never highlighted the proxy war or the cold war going between India and Pakistan for decades on any international forum. It was your party who set the wrong expectations. It was your party when the terrorists used to get away with the blasts/attacks they did. You shoved everything under the love-peace-talk rug.

The United States of America gave this world a recipe to get rid of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. Why didn’t your government do anything of that sort. Everybody knew where who lived. Was your government maintaining a telephone directory of all the terrorists? Why did it take 70 years for Indian Government to authorize something like surgical strike even though there had been similar or even worse situations in the past?

Maybe your party knew they would or might have to face a  situation like the one Modi and BJP is facing today. Your party is coward, didn’t do anything that risked their power.

You now say “You are sorry to hear about him. He should return home unharmed.” How is he going to return home soon unharmed? Do you think he is holidaying there? What are you doing to bring him back? Instead of building pressure on Pakistan, you are trying to score a point for your election game.

It is your party that has been doing dirty politics all along and not BJP. The list is very long but I could still mention a small part of the list. May be you could catch up on it.

BJP did not send a million soldiers to fight for Britain in WWI, your party did.

BJP did not send a 2.5 million soldiers to fight for Britain in WWII, your party did.

BJP did not approve partition of India, your party did.

BJP did not take the Kashmir issue to the UN, your party did.

BJP did not give two third of Kashmir to Pakistan, your party did.

BJP did not give Article 370, your party did.

BJP did not amend Article 35A to Indian Constitution, your party did.

BJP did not lose 1962 war, your party did.

BJP did not give Aksai Chin to China, your party did.

BJP did not sacrifice their soldiers in East – West Pakistan’s war of ’71, your party did.

BJP did not rig the 1987 elections in Kashmir to incite militancy, your party did.

BJP did not create Ikhwain from the ex-militants who created human rights violation, your party did. Must read: Entangled Kashmir: A web of poor and selfish decisions

BJP did not absorb the ex-militants as Special Operations Group who again did human rights violation in the name of men in uniform, your party did.

BJP did not support or give importance to separatists and Huriyat leaders, your party did.

BJP did not cover up or slid the proxy or the cold war between India and Pakistan under the love-peace-talk rug, your party did.

BJP did not receive appraisal from Masood Azhar, your party did.


BJP did try to change the normal set by your party over the years. BJP government did successfully quarantine terrorism to Kashmir, and did not let terrorist blow up trains and buses in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc etc. BJP did try to create a new normal. Maybe that is the reason as to why after the Surgical Strike 1.0, this time the Pakistani government started threatening for retaliation right after the Pulwama attack. Because they knew, New India will not let it go. That is why they moved their terrorists from POK to a more safe zone, to Balakot, Paksitan. They did not expect new India to come that far.

Mind you my friend, this is not just an airstrike. It is a pre-emptive strike. It shows the change in attitude, from being defensive to being attacking. That means, if you did not understand, Pakistan would have to spend more to keep a check on his borders from now on, which it was not doing so far. They would be spending at a war preparedness level. The already economically crushed nation would be in a deeper mess. Modi Government is hitting where it hurts. 

They released the pictures and videos of the captured pilot, because they know, you are here to carry out their evil plans. You should read my last blog “The Unsolicited FEAR” which talks about the fear the families of soldiers live in, this will also tell you that I am not a warmonger. I have faith in Modi government, they will try their best to bring him back. You could also have it, it does not hurt. When he comes back, ask him, he will also say the same things.

Unlike Modi or BJP or their fans, I don’t want a Congress Mukt Bharat, but I do want a Gandhi Mukt Congress. I very well know the importance of two national parties in a democracy. Unfortunately, yours in not a national party, its a family business. But what can I do, you or your family just don’t want to go away. You cannot live without power. You invited your sister too in this business of yours. Congress Mukt Bharat is the only option left for us to get rid of you. May be after a few general elections defeat you might think it is enough now. Congress should lose 2019 for its own good.

You my friend can do whatever you want, but you are not going to be the prime minister PERIOD. But in the process you will end up destroying Indian National Congress. Have some shame have some mercy on your own party! Go away and live peacefully and let Indians also live peacefully.

Please follow my blog (Infinite Sea of Opportunities) to know how most of the problems India faces today engendered from Congress when your family was actively leading it. Your party is the father of all frauds and the mother of all miseries in India. 

Thanks for reading! Forgive me if I was rude or impolite.


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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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