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How the victory of AIADMK alliance is equal to the victory of Tamil Nadu

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The AIADMK alliance has given a wonderful opportunity to the people of Tamil Nadu to change the fortune and destiny of the state and India by defeating DMK alliance. The most interesting aspect is that the direct fight between AIADMK and DMK is limited to only eight constituencies. However some of the contestants from a few unknown parties of DMK alliance have decided to contest the election from DMK symbol thus making the direct contest between AIADMK and DMK to 11 constituencies. It means, in rest of the constituencies, the alliance parties such as BJP, PMK, DMDK and others are going to take on DMK and Congress party. The alliance partners of DMK, especially Vaiko is not considered to be a political force at all in the state.

People of Tamil Nadu have got a wonderful opportunity to defeat DMK combine to make the Tamil Nadu politics a multi-party governance system where the future government will be a coalition government and not by a single party rule. If the single party rule is allowed, dynasty and family politics only will come back to the state.

The extent of damage DMK has done to the state by invoking Dravidian identity politics to suppress the true identity of Tamils, not implementing Sattanathan commission, bringing the saga of ‘scientific corruption’ and reducing the state politics to a family and dynasty can be easily changed and the glory of the state can be re-invented only if people elect AIADMK alliance.

Today the alliance partners of AIADMK are in a do or die match. PMK, DMDK and other in the AIADMK combine have got a wonderful opportunity to resurrect their brand politics and do maximum justice to their respective constituency. The cadres of the respective parties therefore must get charged up to elect the candidates of their parties and also must render full support to BJP and AIADMK alliance so that both in the state and central government, Vanniars and other caste groups will get due recognition and representation.

Narendra Modi coming back to power is certain as several states in Hindi heartland are going to give absolute majority to him.

The cause of PMK, DMDK, AIADMK, TMC, Dr. K Krishnaswamy and others can be achieved only if they are elected to power and not DMK and its combine. The MPs and MLAs of 2019 must be elected to shape and design the future of Tamil Nadu and not to protest and destroy public property and abuse PM Modiji like what the state had witnessed in Thoothukudi and Neduvasal.  DMK was very much part of approving sterilite as well hydro-carbon projects but for the political mileage, DMK tried its best to fool the people of the state.

The cadres of DMDK and PMK must realize the truth that 2019 election is the best and the last opportunity for the party to become the real force to determine the destiny of the state.

Dr. S Ramadoss fought for both the cause of Tamils as well as for Vanniars. The AIADMK alliance is fighting the election not to make a political victory for the party but the AIADMK alliance is fighting the election for a better Tamil Nadu and better India. The AIADMK alliance is not fighting the election for own family or to establish family rule either in the state or at centre.

Therefore the cadres of AIDAMK, PMK, BJP, DMDK and others must realize the truth that the ultimate cause of the respective parties are close to realization if the candidates of the alliance is elected and not DMK, congress alliance. The victory not only will make their parties in driving seat but also will change the future politics of the state and India.

On the other hand, if the cadres of AIADMK, PMK, BJP, MDMK and others fail to work vigorously for each other’s victory and gift the victory to DMK combine, it would not only hurt the future of the party but also the future of a wonderful Tamil Nadu and India.

Prosperous Tamil Nadu and safe India should be the goal of people to work hard at the ground level and make AIADMK alliance victorious in all 39 constituencies in Tamil Nadu and the one in Pondicherry.

The forthcoming election for AIADMK alliance is like world cup finale. Winning quarter final and semi-final is not enough but winning the world cup is only the real victory. Therefore the cadres of PMK, DMDK, AIADMK, BJP and others must travel extra mile and work overtime to defeat DMK alliance.

AIADMK cadres must realize the truth that the two leaf symbol and the name- AIADMK is only the vision and party of MGR and AMMA and not the splinter group of TTV.

Electing TTV is only going to defeat MGR and AMMA and other than that, nothing such victory is going to make for the state or for India.

Therefore people of the state especially the cadres of all alliance parties of AIAMDK must realize that their commitment to vote for the alliance alone is not sufficient but they also must convince the people of the state that their vote should not be wasted by electing DMK or TTV.

Invocation of the forthcoming election for the state must be prosperous Tamil Nadu under EPS and safe & progressive India under PM Narendra Modi along with making each constituent political party in the AIADMK alliance powerful, significant and vociferous in determining the future of the state politics.

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