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Did Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party participate in India’s Freedom Struggle?

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Jay Desai
Professor(Finance Area), Writer, Political Observer, Curious

Rahul Gandhi often refers to the role of his Congress party in India’s freedom struggle, but history revels something very different.

On 12th November 1969, K. Kamaraj, the president of congress party expelled Mrs. Indira Gandhi from congress party for violating party discipline. As a result, the party split and Mrs. Gandhi formed her own political party known as Congress (R) and the original congress party headed by K. Kamaraj became Congress (O).

The Congress that split

The main reason cited for the split was left-wing/right-wing division within Congress party, while Mrs. Gandhi wanted to use populist agenda, the senior leaders stood for right wing ideology distrusting Soviet help.

Post-split the Congress (R) was headed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Congress (O) was led by freedom fighters like Morarji Desai, K. Kamaraj, S. Nijalingappa, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Hitendra Desai and many more. Congress (O) led governments in Bihar under Bhola Paswan Shastri, Karnataka under Veerendra Patil and Gujarat under Hitendra Desai.

Symbol of Congress Indira founded


The original Congress party symbol of bullocks was retained by Congress (O), while the newly formed Congress (R) opted for a new symbol of a cow and calf.

Later in March 1977 post-emergency general elections, the Congress (O) fought under the banner of Janata Party and formed government, Morarji Desai became fourth Prime Minister of India.

Considering these facts it is up to our wisdom to decide if the present Indian National Congress headed by Rahul Gandhi is the same Congress that participated in the freedom struggle of India or not!

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Jay Desai
Professor(Finance Area), Writer, Political Observer, Curious

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