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Congress is on suicide mode in Indian politics

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Congress is losing its relevance even in the eve of the forthcoming parliamentary election in April-May 2019. Except DMK and AAP, all other regional parties are dumbing congress. Why are several sitting MLAs and party men leaving congress and joining BJP? All the above questions need an impartial analysis.

Congress has reduced to a family show and the circuit has been completed with the entry of Priyanka Vadra. The twin problems of the congress party are, one, the excessive love for the family and the unreasonable hatred towards Narendra Modi. Congress is either focusing only on the family or on spreading hatred and negative politics against Modi. Congress has nothing else to offer to the nation. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focusing exclusively on the agenda of development, sab ka vikas, national security, heightening the morale and confidence of the Jawans who defend our nation.

But the congress party, on the other hand, by way of attacking Narendra Modi, is questioning the sacrifices, bravery and the sincerity of our defence forces. Just to make some corruption allegation against PM Modi, congress party under the witty dynast is threatening the internal security of our nation by asking the government to breach the secrecy clause in the defence deal and reveal the pricing and other details of Rafale fighter flight. It looks like the dynast somehow wants to stop the procurement of Rafale so that such move would empower Pakistan.

In UP, the recent move of congress party to induct Priyanka Vadra had hurt SP-BSP the most than BJP. BSP-SP combine when refused to accommodate congress party in its alliance and allotted mere 2 seats, congress tried to rattle SP-BSP combine by introducing Priyanka Vadra with the hope that SP-BSP may climb down fearing Priyanka and may accommodate the congress party in the alliance. But such move has in fact hurt own prospects than made any change in BSP-SP alliance. With such move, congress has proved to other regional parties in India that for the congress, the family comes first and not the nation or any political etiquette.

It looks like when Rahul Gandhi could not rattle SP-BSP combine, congress tried Priyanka Vadra to get some deal done. Congress wants to make UP election three way contest to cause fear in SP-BSP as such move may favour BJP and thereby congress can coerce BSP-SP to accommodate congress. But the ground truth congress did not realize. Congress was continuously trying to use different weapons and most of them were either expired or ineffective. It is not Priyanka or Rahul Gandhi or Sonia or Robert Vadra, only a credible and promising political narrative alone can help the congress to resurrect which congress is yet to realize.

Narendra Modi has gone way ahead by taking India to new heights and dimensions. India has developed in all frontiers and people are experiencing the change.

Cooking gas connection, building of toilets, opening bank accounts to poor villagers, direct transfer of funds to the account of the beneficiary, employment creation through an innovative way by creating MUDRA loan, taking firm step to protect the nation and giving fitting reply to Pakistan, raising the dignity and reputation of India at international level, galvanizing international support to India, bringing down corruption and delivering a first scam and corruption free governance are a few examples for how Indian has transformed under PM Narendra Modi.

The stand taken by DMK and AAP to desperately align with congress is quite interesting and worth further discussion. AAP has plotted its campaign around complete statehood for Delhi. AAP has nothing else to speak to the people of Delhi except statehood. AAP had realized that if it aligns with congress party, it can strengthen its statehood narrative. By invoking the cause of statehood and by asking people to elect the alliance can make a better poll prospect for the party. But the biggest caveat was the number of seats AAP was willing to allot for congress. AAP wants to give peanut to congress and wants to win Delhi at the expense of congress party. If BJP wins, AAP can dumb the statehood idea for time being and other wise, congress would be responsible for granting statehood to Delhi was the game plan of AAP. But the cheap political strategy of AAP did not work. To trap congress party, AAP too vented hatred and negative politics against Narendra Modi, the most popular and progressive Prime Minister of India.

The reason that binds DMK to go with congress is nothing but fear of losing the election in Tamil Nadu to the formidable alliance of EPS, BJP.

The role of DMK in central government is well known in the past. The UPA was embroiled into several scam allegations which were primarily due to DMK. DMK realized that it needs the support of congress to save its face. Hence the DMK president out of the way announced the candidature of Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister face of the united opposition alliance. Stalin praised Rahul Gandhi knowing fully well that his praises would metaphorically diminish Rahul Gandhi, but at the same time, congress will remain with DMK.

Except in Delhi, dealing AAP, congress has not made any smart move or smart strategy.  Congress is repeatedly putting all its eggs in the basket of one family and the unwise dynast.

In truth congress is making one suicide after another politically by calling Narendra Modi, thief, corrupt, arrogant, divisive etc.

Before abusing PM Modi, the dynast must verify own bona fide otherwise Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has all the details. The dynast has ridiculed own credibility by abusing PM Modi and calling him thief. Several world countries are supporting India because of Narendra Modi. People will give a massive mandate to Narendra Modi led BJP because people want India to prosper and not the family several dynasts.

To ensure development, national security and Sab ka vikas people want Narendra Modi and not the Tukde Tukde gangs and colloquium of political dynasty.

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