Beastly doves

— Not a letter addressed to any PM
“No issue will ever be solved as long as you are a prisoner of hate”

O peace crusader wazir-e-alam of the land of pure,
Your kindness will bring peace to our subcontinent for sure!

Our brave pilot is back, thanks to your “gesture of peace”
Come peaceniks Raul baba will now take a selfie, say cheese!

Why say yes to conventional war, when you can opt for proxy?
To assist you have the ISI, the Army and the religious orthodoxy!

The foreign aid has dried up and economy is in a nosedive,
This is not the time to throw stone at a big beehive!

So put on your acting shoes and bowl some inswinging diplomacy,
This will win you hearts of liberals and cover-up your fallacy!

No one gives a damn on what happened in the past,
The thousands dead and countless moments that left us aghast!

Oh what an exhibition of professionalism shown to WC Abhinandnan,
But where was it when Capt. Kalia was murdered with gay abandon?

And where are our ill-fated and forgotten 54?
When in 1971 we returned 93000 of yours and many more!

What pleasure do you get in letting them languish in your jails?
When many of their relatives cried and died in a sea of wails!

Squadron Leader Ahuja is still afresh in our memory,
The one who was murdered in such cold fury!

Which professional army beheads an enemy soldier?
Or slips in deadly snakes to the other side of border?

Don’t worry people will forget you were once a Taliban sympathiser,
Frankly speaking it doesn’t matter whether or not you are/were a womaniser!

The nation just needs another prime-minister,
A legatee who can continue ISI’s diplomacy/politics that is sinister!

To say you are an ISI’s stooge is mundane,
Time to make most of a captured man from a fallen plane!

The one who shot down yours F16 flying a 1960s MIG Bison,
Capturing whom made you grin and ‘bite’ like Mike Tyson!

Relax now as the war is averted, and hearts won,
In few years your political adversaries in Trump and Modi may be gone!

You can get back to your good old ways,
Proxy war is the best, it rocks!! Yays!

JEM, AQ, HUM, TTP are all figments of imagination,
Why label a group of misguided youth as terrorist organisation!

Yes, his Excellency better sense should now prevail,
But why was it lacking before, how did you fail?

Why did you focus on policy of hate in your prime?
To understand 26/11 we have to go not so far back in time,

We loved thy neighbour when thou were going through labour,
Gave MFN status, allowed movement without treating this as a favour!

When the birth of that baby was looming near,
The Americans were rejoicing and infidels in the east watched with fear!

Bravo! the baby was finally born it was time to give him a name,
They named him Taliban, thinking it will one day bring fame!

That kid grew up with lots of hate and turned uncouth,
But you rightly chose to call him a misguided youth!

Forget all these, it is time to bestow upon you Nobel peace prize,
And cut that democratic secular republic to size!

So focus on bleeding your neighbour into thousand cuts,
But the infidels on the other side will still be busy making million technocrats!

Because a nation is nothing but an idea,

Sometimes bold and sometimes frail!
While India is a good idea, yours is bound to fail!

Jai Hind!

PS: India say no to war not because “an ex-cricketer who once considered playing Indo- Pak matches as a jihad” says so, but because it is your ethos.

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