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They make sacrifices for ‘pathetic, losers with no self respect’.

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

“These are some of the things you could should and must do to isolate Pakistan. Don’t simply blame others or wait for them to do something for you, make your contribution first. Don’t be a pathetic looser with no self respect. “

———————————————————————————————————————————————-I am angry and furious! A lot of Indians are too. But wait! I am not furious at the Pulwama attack or the 40 Martyrs, I am angry and furious at ‘you‘- the liberal, intellectual civilized civilians of India. A bunch of hypocrites, with fake feelings, fake emotions and pretentious. Showing off fake emotions and fake pain on social media, be it Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp. Some are lighting candles or shouting slogans, but don’t feel any pain what so ever. You did the same when a similar incident happened last time and the one before and the one before, the list is too freaking long. Two days of showing off and than back to normal, eat-sleep-tv-chitchat-party. Only the families who lost their kith and kin suffer; you mock their pain and suffering.

You want everything to be done by someone else but you. Modi should take care of Pakistan, the army should conduct a second surgical strike or probably wage a war. There have been four wars with Pakistan in the past, what happened? It is a shame that people have stooped so low that they want more soldiers to join their martyr brothers by waging a war. When and how are you going to contribute in any way? Will you freaking do any thing at all? or just keep on cribbing like losers with zero self respect? When ever it comes to you, you come up with one of the silliest lines in the history of a mankind: “what can a poor, helpless common man do?” Pathetic!

India is going to play with Pakistan in the coming Cricket World Cup on June 16, 2019. What are you going to do about this? There would be a lot of debates and discussions about why India should not play against Pakistan, BCCI should do this, Government should do this, Kohli should do this. But what will you do? What can you do freaking pathetic losers? Let me tell you what you can do. You can- “not watch the match, not on TV and not in the stadium.” India has the world’s largest cricket audience, what happens if it goes missing? The organizers bear hefty losses. They wont do it ever again. They themselves would isolate Pakistan. Let BCCI follow the norms of ICC, let Kohli do what he should be doing-represent India. You do what you should be doing, not entertain Pakistan Cricket team. But you wont do this, why? Because you are pathetic losers with no self respect. You bought the tickets for India vs Pakistan match during Asia cup and saw the game. Didn’t you?

You want the government to isolate Pakistan on international forum. But when it comes to you, you my friend won’t do anything. “Art has no boundaries.” When was the last time art crossed India’s boundary on the East leading to Bangladesh or towards South leading to Sri Lanka? Why is it that every time the so-called Artist and the so-called Art has to come from Pakistan? Simply because 200 million Pakistanis understand spoken Hindi and are potential customers whereas Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans don’t understand the language and aren’t the potential customers. It is all about revenue and not the Art or the Artist. The so-called artists play a five minute role in a movie and the movie gets an access to a market as big as Uttar Pradesh (approx. 200 mil). Whenever an artist comes from there, you want the government to do something. But what will you do? What can you do freaking pathetic losers? Again “what can a poor, helpless common man do?” Let me tell you what you can do. Don’t watch those movies, not on TV and not in the cinema hall. But you wont do that. Why? Because you are pathetic losers with no self respect. You are like omg Fawad Khan omg  Atif Aslam… Mahira Khan etc etc; freaking disgusting. India is the world’s largest audience for Hindi Movies, what happens when it goes missing? The producers, directors won’t even think of it let alone casting them and the art would automatically find a boundary. They will isolate Pakistan without any question.

Moreover, in addition to the artist from the other side of the border there are quite a few so-called artists in India who talk rubbish about India. What can you do to stop them? Again “what can a poor, helpless common man do?” Let me tell you what you can do. Simple don’t watch them, not on TV not in the cinema hall. But you won’t do that. Why? Because you are pathetic losers with no self respect. In fact, you will make their movies block busters and 100 crore plus, giving them the strength to crush you again. If it is their freedom of expression to hurt my sentiments, it is my freedom to not watch them, of course if I have some self-respect and don’t enjoy being humiliated. No protest nothing, no extra efforts just don’t buy the freaking tickets.

Trade, Imports and Exports is another area, where you could do a lot. You know China supports Pakistan but you will still buy Made in China products, simply because they are a notch cheaper than their Indian counterparts. In fact the irony of the situation is that India imports from Pakistan as well. There are 200 plus countries in the world from where we can import but no, we will import from Pakistan. Why? Because you know it by now, I don’t have to repeat it every single time.

There are other example to add in this list and I can keep going, but let me come to the point, militancy in Kashmir. Why do you think government of India was able in controlling terrorist activities in rest of India but Kashmir? Because in Kashmir, the security forces have a hard time differentiating ‘us’ from ‘them’. ‘who is who’ is the only question. A 22 year old so-called helpless, poor, unprivileged, “victim” somehow got access to more than 350 kgs of RDX and a Scorpio. How? May be because he got it from someone who was disguised as ‘us’ instead of ‘them’ and the security forces failed to distinguish.

What could you a poor, helpless common man do in this case? Let me tell you what you could do. You could stop supporting any person, group or party who does not ask to revoke Article 370 or 35A of Indian constitution. But you won’t do it. Why? Not because you have no self respect but because you find it extremely difficult to understand why shouting “Bharat tere tukde honge, inshaallah inshaallah” or “Afzal hum sharminda hain tere katil abhi zinda hain” is wrong. When this is the case hoping that you would understand how 370 and 35A are affecting the situation in Kashmir is too much to ask from you. Some of your favorite news channels even try to justify terrorism, by giving the reasons as to why they become terrorists. You could atleast unfollow them, stop supporting those leaders and journalists. You should also read as to why Kashmir is so entangled and who spun the web here: Kashmir a web of poor and selfish decisions.

Yes, I am not angry at the Pulwama attack. But I am extremely sad that those 40 soldiers and every single soldier in the past sacrificed their lives for land filled with Zombies. Who don’t know about their pasts or present. But are so proud that they don’t even want to know.

It never occurred to you that Indian National Congress has been running an occupation in India not just post independence but along side Brits prior to our independence.They were contesting elections before Independence too, they only wanted power. They wanted it then they want it now.  You bought what they sold. “We got our freedom with non-violence” is by far the biggest insult to our soldiers. A  million plus Indian soldiers in WWI and 2.5 million Indian soldiers in WWII were asked to ‘volunteer’ they fought a war for Britain. I fail to understand the concept of non-violence. May be I am the dumb one. A single family ruled a billion plus people for decades and still trying to rule. They know how easy it is to fool people here. He also knows it. He does not even care to pretend now. Look at the video below( till 0:25 seconds), he is not dumb, he made a point “I don’t give a damn” or even worse his actions were in line with some of his hard core supporters. May be he is the role model you are looking for.

There is always a lot you could do if only you had some self-respect.

In the memory of #pulwamaMartyrs and each and every soldier who sacrificed his life for the country. Not every one can fight for the nation as soldiers but everyone can do something for their nation if only they have the right intentions.

The next time you see the mirror, don’t just see the skin but look into your eyes and try to see what you have done for the nation and what you could possibly do. What lies beneath the mask?

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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