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Not EV Ramasamy Naicker or DMK; Subbarayan Gounder only implemented reservation in TN

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First time voters and the present generation of Tamil Nadu must learn the true contributions of Subbarayan Gounder to the depressed category of people. Unfortunately many people in the state lavishly credit EV Ramasamy Naicker and DMK for what Tamil Nadu is today.  The bitter truth is that neither of the above has done anything great to the state.But unfortunately the Tamil Nadu politics has been sticking with the slogan that EVR and DMK only had done everything to the state like how the congress party used to attribute even the very existence of India itself is due to one family which PM Narendra Modi beautifully described as BC (Before Congress) and AD (After Dynasty).

People often claim that it was EVR who fought for downtrodden people and DMK under Karunanidhi fulfilled all aspirations of the socially backward category of people. But a simple reality check of Tamil Nadu politics would reveal that neither EVR nor DMK has done anything substantial in this regard.

The true champion of the above cause was Subbarayan Gounder. When he was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he implemented caste based reservation in the state.

In the Assembly election that was held in 1926, no party got majority. The Swaraj Party won 41 of 98 seats and the Justice Party won 21 seats. It was a real defeat to Justice Party and its incumbent Chief Minister Raja of Panagal.  Due to the lack of majority for either of the party, they could not form Government.

After exploring all options, Governor called Subbarayan Gounder, who was not affiliated to either of the party to form the government and the Governor nominated 34 new members to Madras Legislative Council to support him. Thus, the first independent ministry was formed with A. Ranganatha Mudaliar and RN Arogyaswamy Mudaliar as the second and third ministers.  Justice Party occupied the place of opposition. The Ministry of Subbarayan Gounder also had MR Sethuratnam Iyer as Development Minister.

The Justice Party used to criticize Subbarayan Gowder by calling him as puppet in the hands of Governor. In fact, Justice Party brought no-confidence motion on August 23 1927 which was defeated by 56/67 votes.

The Communal Government Order (G.O. No. 613 in 1921 introduced by Raja of Panagal Government was not implemented till 1927. The Subbarayan Gounder government introduced the Communal G.O. Ms. No. 1021 to implement the 1921 order in 1927. The act gave reservations for Dalits, Indian Christians and Muslims and also reduced the reservations for Brahmins from 22 to 16% and Non-Brahmins to 48 from 42%. This act was in effect till India’s independence on August 15, 1947.

In 1930, Subbarayan Gounder got re-elected to Madras Legislative Council as an Independent candidate and introduced prohibition in Salem district. CS Ranga Iyer passed Untouchability Abolition Bill in the Imperial Legislative Council. Subbarayan Gounder also brought Temple Entry Bill permitting entry of low-caste Hindus and Dalits in temples and made their prohibition illegal and punishable.

If we look at the above historic facts in Tamil Nadu politics, we can understand how the state has been made to forget the great legacy and contributions of Subbarayan Gounder who fought for the downtrodden people of the state and did many thing substantial for them, by the subsequent DMK government.

In fact, the Justice party had criticized and ridiculed his government. The Justice party’s transformation and nomenclature as Dravida Kazhagam and the formation of the splinter group DMK has totally masked the true history and contributions of Kamaraj, Rajaji, Subbarayan Gounder, CS Ranga Iyer, Madurai Vaidyanatha Iyer etc., and promoted a myth that it was EVR and DMK under Karunanidhi reformed the state and did everything what is seen today.

Like E Palanisamy Gounder (EPS) who was chosen as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from nowhere, Subbarayan Gounder was also chosen as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by Governor when either the Justice Party or Swaraj Party could not secure majority. Subbarayan Gounder got elected as independent candidate.

The Gounder community has a lot to pride about and it was Subbarayan Gowder as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu brought the real and true reforms in the state and now E Palanisamy Gounder is the Chief Minister of the state and he is also capable of bringing several reforms in the state if people extent unconditional support to him.

Subbarayan Gounder was the father of PP Kumaramangalam and grandfather of late Rangarajn Kumaramangalam who was a member of BJP as well as Lalitha Kumaramangalam a prominent women face of BJP who was also the former Chairperson of National Commission for Women.

The combination of BJP and EPS, OPS alliance along with PMK will certainly prove great to the state of Tamil Nadu to end the politics of dynasty and associated devastation. In the name of Dravidian, the Dravidian dynasty party has masked the real glory of Tamil and ensured the glorious contributions of Subbarayan Gounder, the true Tamil leader.

Hope the present generation first time voters will understand the truth that the vision of Amma and MGR must be fulfilled. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the centre and Amma rule in the state under E Palanisamy Gounder as Chief Minister will certainly bring much needed development and sab ka vikas in the state.

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