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Is it time for a change in Bengal?

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It has been ten long years since I had been to the land of Tagore. I was mesmerized the last time when I resided for a week there at my relative’s house. Rooms were small and the streets were crowded like a daily Sunday market of UP suburbs still there was a sense of certain peace and sanctity.

The latest News I heard from the Land of Charm was rather uncharming after the White clad Police had a major conflict outside the residence of Kolkata Police Commissioner with some CBI Officials, who allegedly were on a “Secret Mission”. This whole situation is being portrayed as an another Centre-State friction, which is quite common in Didi Raj.

The Centre-State juggle seemed to up the ante of rare and unseen flicks in Indian politics that has been established since 2014.

I am just fed up of TMC aristocrats making a mockery of Bengal! – The statement is of a friend of mine who lives over there and apparently he suggested that Bengalis have a deep resentment in their hearts against Didi Ji which surely explains the enormous numbers in the rally held by the Prime Minister!

The men born from this soil which comprised of Neta Ji (not the UP one), Rash Beharee Bose and many countless others who had a great contribution in the National freedom struggle. There was a time when this beautiful place was recognised for the Knowledge it possessed and was always an epicenter for cultural revolution. But nowadays it really makes me tormented when I read in newspapers only things like Bengal’s communal riots, politically inspired violence and so called intellectuals (idiots) making things worse.

Painting Hindu goddesses nude is depicted as a freedom of expression. CM of another state who is definitely an Indian isn’t allowed to enter Bengal while illegal immigrants are catered warmly. CBI isn’t allowed to investigate important issues and more importantly this centre-state friction has only cost to the people of Bengal who are untouched by various progressive schemes such as Ayushmaan Bharat.

I feel sorry to say this but Didi Ji has just become like the Leftists, whom she once strived against in Bengal.

Is it not truly the time for a change in West Bengal?

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News Junkie, Right Winger

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