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AIADMK+PMK+BJP alliance and political transition and transformation in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is marching towards a transition state with reference to the mood and expectations of the electorates are concerned. Good number of people, especially the first time voters wants a total change in Tamil Nadu and thanks to the continuous efforts of Tamil patriots, people are today well informed about how DK and DMK imposed Dravidian identity over Tamil, promoted the politics of hatred, negativity towards God, Hindu religion and Hindi language and progressively destroyed the state. Further how true were they in reforming the state, annihilating the caste system are also well to people of the state.  Karunanidhi shrewdly used caste formula to win elections. Thanks to the emergence of MGR and Amma J Jayalalitha, the relics of good old Bhakti tradition of Tamil exist today, which was constantly being attacked and abused by the founding father of DK and the ethos of DMK – EV Ramasamy Naicker.

Tamil culture is not only the oldest but also is rich in literature, poetry, spirituality, philosophy, medicine, science, engineering technology, environmental concern, agriculture, astounding sewage and waste disposal system etc. As a result of the onslaught of such great Tamil tradition and the subsequent imposition of Dravidian identity over Tamil by EVR and then by DMK, the history has been portrayed in such a way that the Tamil Nadu that we see today is fully made by DMK and the elevation of depressed community has happened only because of DMK.

If DMK and EVR were that sincere, they could have classified all the Tamil people under one caste and reservation be made based on the backwardness in financial and educational situation of people.

The Sattanathan Commission appointed by the then Karunanidhi government in 1970 said that “some castes have taken full advantage of the state’s protective measures and made rapid strides, while many others continue to trail behind and are still in the lower stages of stagnancy”. Therefore the commission made recommendations for the removal of ‘creamy layer’ from the list of beneficiaries – exclusion of those families of salaried persons whose income exceeds Rs.9000, landowners with more than 10 acres of land and business people with taxable income exceeding Rs.9000.

But the Karunanidhi lead DMK government did not agree to the recommendation and did not exclude the creamy layers from the reservation list. Had DMK government lead by Karunanidhi implemented the recommendation of Sattanathan commission, today hardly any people would have been left for us to identify as backward class.

If DMK had excluded the creamy layer, many people from the backward class would have got better opportunity and representation in both education and government employment.

Today the missionaries of anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi rhetoric has reduced the state politics to dynastic rule where the right to rule the state is transferred from father to son.

People of the state are looking for an alternate model of governance to save the country from the politics of dynasty.  People want a leader who is credible, decisive, honest and interested fully in development and sab ka vikas and not in dynastic politics, nepotism and corruption.

Today people of India at large find PM Narendra Modi to be most honest leader with clear vision and commitment for India’s development and sab ka vikas. Similarly, Dr Anbumany Ramadoss of PMK is seen as a ‘True Tamil Leader’, represent the ancient Tamil Bhakti tradition, focusing on development of the state, positive politics and on a clear mission to revive the ancient glory of Tamil tradition, God, spirituality etc.

If we carefully study the governance model of EPS, one undeniable fact would emerge strongly, which is the total and complete commitment of EPS towards poor people and their upliftment. Looks like EPS has completely inherited the pro-poor genes of MGR and Amma. The announcement of the financial aid to people below BPL by EPS is a remarkable fete.

By considering Pongal being the state festival and pride of Tamil Nadu, EPS made sure that everyone in the state must celebrate the festival and should not suffer due to lack of money. Hence EPS provided financial support to all family card holders along with 1kg rice, sugar cane, cashew etc., so that the Pongal during his governance will be a real celebration by every Tamil family. The Pongal of 2019 was a great and grandsire celebration thanks to the initiatives of EPS.

The combination AIADMK, PMK and BJP alliance is indeed a progressive combination.  Any transition can happen only through the existing establishment. EPS +OPS have brought huge transition in Tamil Nadu politics after the demise of Amma. Although they may not fill the leadership space of Amma, but have taken several measures towards uplifting the poor people, develop the state and administer the state in the best way possible. The way EPS government is functioning and making several development fetes clearly pointing towards the departed soul of Amma is very much present in Tamil Nadu, constantly guiding and mentoring EPS government and that is how EPS is making several wonders for the state.

PM Narendra Modi provides a credible leadership to the team/alliance. Further the election is for the centre and India need a stable, decisive, development centric government with good representation from Tamil Nadu to develop the state and not to loot or engage in scams. India is already aware of several scam allegations such as 2G, Coal allocation, Adarsh, CWC, Aircell-Maxcel etc.

People of Tamil Nadu must make the political transition happen by electing AIADMK alliance for both the development the state and India. PM Modi at the centre with the complete support and participation of PMK and AIADMK and the state being governed by AIADMK will certainly prove great to the state. Certainly the chemistry and arithmetic of dynasts will prove nothing but the politics of dynasty, nepotism and corruption and not development or sab ka vikas.

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