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Truth behind the Dravidian mask – Nemesis is hunting DMK

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Today DMK is hunted by its own shadow, past deeds and the nemesis like the proverbial saying “evil be to him who evil thinks”.

DMK as a political party very cleverly used the farcical theory of Aryan- Dravidian divide and described Brahmins as foreigners in Tamil Nadu and they were branded as descendants of Aryan race. Even UV Swaminatha Iyer referred as ‘Tamil Thatha’ and Tirugnana Sambanthar were not spared due to their Brahmin caste despite their rich contributions to Tamil literature and tradition.

The Dravidian champions constantly under its brand ambassador Periyar defined Brahmins are non-Tamil people (Aryan race) and the rest as Dravidian race. Anti-Brahmin hatred, hatred towards God, religious practices, Hindu religion were the most common weapons the school of Periyar used to achieve power and grip over Tamil Nadu. Further Periyar kept insulting Tamil people by calling them ‘Sudra’ and other abusive phrases, Tamil language as barbaric etc., more in an advisory form.

Today several scholars and leaders of Tamil Desiya Iyakkam have raised doubt over the Tamil identity of most of those champions of Tamil cause during independence movement like Periyar as they claim that Periyar belongs to Telugu speaking community.

When the bomb of who is the true Tamilan and why the term Dravidam was imported from Bishop Robert Cadwell by those champions of Tamil cause broke out, the champions of Dravidian cause started to justify that all that Periyar know was only Tamil language and hence his identity should not be questioned. It looks like to hide own identity from getting noticed, the term Dravidian was imposed on Tamil people and to deflect the attention of people, hatred against Brahmins was fueled. More than spitting venom, poison and toxin against Brahmins, Periyar abused the people of Tamil Nadu by calling them ‘Sudra’, ‘children of prostitute’ etc., which suggests the above hypothesis of Tamil Desiya Iyakkam warrant further research.

Tamil Brahmins, wherever they live be it Palakkadu in Kerala or other parts of India or in UK or US or France or Germany, speak only Tamil at home and follow all most all traditions of Tamil from cradle to grave. But the school of Periyar excommunicated and persecuted such Brahmin people as foreigner in Tamil Nadu. Ironically today the DMK is in the receiving end and is biting own bullet. It looks like the ghost that they had created for power is today hunting them back and many are searching their true identity.

There is a saying ‘God’s mill grind slow but sure’ has come true in Tamil Nadu. People of the state have started to go back to the great Bhakti era as they have recognized the truth that God is the integral part of Tamil culture which the school of Periyar has abused and mocked continuously.

Today the champions of Dravidian identity politics are finding it hard to defend the term Dravidian and are counter questioning, when they have gone against Tamil people, directly suggesting people to accept them without questioning their tainted actions or identity.

The question is why did they mask the true identity of Tamil as Dravidam and created a new history, was it to tomb the ancient Tamil culture? Was the discovery of the term Dravidian meant to hide own Telugu identity and if so why should they shy to admit the same to people of the state. When they were so heartless to call Tamil speaking Brahmins as non-Tamil people how would they justify their Telugu origin?

The point is not about creating wedge among people but to tell the world how ‘Nemesis’ would hunt those who sow the same in the society. If the truth behind ‘Dravidian’ myth is busted, that would end Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu needs a new beginning, a new experiment, a new chemistry and governance. The state must integrate itself with its umbilical cord Hinduism and the concept of one India must be re-invented in Tamil Nadu.

Politics of development not politics of dynasty should be empowered in the state. The most shocking aspect is that how the anti-Brahmin champion proposes the name of a Brahmin DNA searcher as Prime Minister Candidate? Does this not prove once again the hypocrisy like the Dravidian mask? Hope people of the state will unmask everything and pledge support to the honest leader Narendra Modi.

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