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The tale of “Naseeruddin Shah’s intolerance”

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Well, another video of Naseeruddin Shah came out a few days ago in cooperation with Amnesty India so the great actor is going all guns blazing now. When the issue blew up, I saw a video of an advocate called Rizwan Ahmed (who says he is a cousin of Nasseruddin) on twitter where he described the selectivity of Nasseruddin Shah very aptly. I”ll like to quote what he said down below and also give the link of the video.

This is what he said-

“My dear friend, allow me to be stone cold, be it Naseer or be it any intellectual or be it any clergy, they have nothing to do with the common Muslim. Be it the Muslim clergy or be it the Muslim intellectuals, they are a bunch of selfish, thankless chest beaters, and they remain chest beaters until they are pampered by the political dispensation, be it in Australia, be it in America or be it in India.

My brother Naseer, he was not afraid, he was not afraid and annoyed in 1992 riots, nor in 1993 bomb blasts. He was not afraid and annoyed on 26/11 that occurred in 2008, nor was he afraid in 2012, when 2 lakh Islamic radicals created riots on the streets of Mumbai, desecrating the Amar Jyoti killing 2 people. Why he was not annoyed when 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits were chucked out of their homeland?

The only reason is the pampering. Till the Modi government is not pampering my intellectuals [attacking the left liberals here], my journalists, my clergy, we will continue to demean India in the eyes of the world.”

Now people can disagree with the first and third paragraph of what he had said because it’s just a conjecture and many people might not believe in that which is completely fine (that’s not my contention anyhow) but the second paragraph (where he brings Amar Jyoti killings and Kashmiri Pundit exodus) hits the nail in the coffin. Nasseruddin Shah seemed to imply in his video that the intolerance is a recent phenomenon which in reality is utter hogwash. This Hindu Muslim syncretism and tolerance is a synthetic concoction to be really honest.

‘Communal Harmony in India’ is basically Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. We all know he doesn’t exist, but we deceive ourselves into believing in him for its ‘feel good’ factor.’

The history of communal harmony before 2014 which our liberal-secular gang somehow point out a lot of times nowadays is as fake as Muhammad Iqbal writing Taraana E Hind meaning it from his heart.

“Maẕhab nahīṉ sikhātā āpas meṉ bair rakhnā
Hindī haiṉ ham, wat̤an hai Hindūstāṉ hamārā”

This is what Illama Iqbal said in 1904

English Translation- Religion doesn’t teach us to maintain differences, We are Indians and India is ours

“Cīn o-ʿArab hamārā, Hindūstāṉ hamārā ( China-Arab is ours, India (that time
Muslim haiṉ ham, wat̤an hai sārā jahāṉ hamārā”

This is what Illama Iqbal said in 1910 (Taqqiya displayed its fangs)

English translation- China-Arab is ours, India is ours. We are Muslims and the whole world is ours.

The selectivity which people like Nasseruddin display is very appalling. It’s not that difficult to debunk this selective gibberish but then we have liberals who label you a Sanghi or a right-wing communal Islamophobe Hindu the moment you don’t sing their tone so rational arguments and bringing out the selectivity fall in the pit. They declare the other side Sanghi and bang!! game over. (The same case with some right-wingers who call you an anti-national the moment you disagree with them on viewpoints they hold, I have been called as one by these people so won’t lie).

Well, our dear Nasseruddin Shah didn’t feel intolerance when in the same city Bulandshahar, a Nikah Halala petitioner was acid attacked by conservative members of a particular sect.

Even our placard feminists and intersectional feminists of humanity colleges of Delhi who went bonkers over sperm balloon case in the early months of last year (which was debunked later by forensics despite of the fact that anyone who knows science and laws of viscosity would have considered it a claptrap anyways) hid in their beds when the Nikah Halala petitioner was acid attacked.

Our dear Nasseruddin Shah didn’t feel intolerance when a policeman called Muhammad Ayub Pandith was lynched near Jama Masjid of Srinagar where his own relatives alleged that the mob killed him considering him as a Kashmiri Pundit because of the surname. But anyhow the policeman was killed and no one felt intolerance then.

Our dear Naseeruddin Shah didn’t feel intolerance when a BSF personnel was killed by cow smugglers near Indo-Bangladesh border in 2017.

Our dear Naseeruddin Shah didn’t feel intolerance when policemen were kept captive by the community which he is from and which our former Vice President deems as insecure. Now, this happened (refer the link below) in a state ruled by the same Hindu extremist Yogi Adityanath where the recent Bulandshar case happened which Naseeruddin Shah was insinuating about in his video.

Cops held captive and thrashed while rescuing a minor girl who eloped with a Muslim boy

Our dear Nasseruddin Shah has a liberal-secular Hindu wife. Will, he be able to name even 5 Muslim majority countries which legally allow a Muslim lady to marry a Non-Muslim man without both the parties converting?

Yes, our dear Nasseruddin Shah has the right to say whatever he wishes to say but similarly, people have the right to point out his hypocrisy and selectivity. I ain’t condoning the incidents which Nasseruddin mentioned but drawing out a narrative that Muslims are somehow unsafe in this country exclusively is not backed by any empirical data. Just selective nitpicking of incidents where the victim-perpetrator identity fits their bill and promoting it selectively is wrong.

The new cliched dialogue of certain liberals goes something like this -“Cows are safer than humans in India”. Now I remember the time when terrorist attacks used to happen every now and then in my city. Our main temple Raghunath Mandir was attacked two times in 2002 and a total of 30 people were killed. No one said that Hindus are unsafe then where their holy places are being attacked even in non-muslim majority countries. None of these celebs and so-called liberals said that 72 hoors are more valuable than humans in this country. In fact, the same liberal-secular coterie who hegemonize the mainstream English media were the first ones to admonish those who brought a link of religion to those terrorist incidents then. They don’t even follow their own rules now which were spanked in our heads then. Even recently in 2017 Amarnath pilgrims were killed and no one cried intolerance. Well, the point is crimes are conducted from both the sides in this country.

Selectivity is what is wrong. There’s no doubt there are stone cold ideologues from the Hindu side who make laughable statements every now and then but this is the same country where Imrana was deemed as the mother of her own hubby by a leading Islamic seminary because her father in law raped her. This is the same country where fatwas against marrying bank employees have been made, where fatwas against fully body scan have been made. So it will be right if we talk about both the sides and don’t indulge in selectivity even though we might have our own biases. If we wanna talk about RSS’ support of British why do we feel shy to talk about provincial elections of 1945-46 where Indian Muslims (many of them who stayed here after partition) categorically rejected Indian National Congress led by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

All 58 Muslim seats of Bombay and Madras were won by Muslim League at that time. Even after this, Mr. Nehru mollycoddled Muslims by going on with the Muslim personal laws but brought Hindu Code Bill (not to say it was wrong). What my seculars don’t realize while glorifying Nehru is this very fact(His grandson continued his legacy in Shah Bano Case). Obfuscating the other side of the story and talking selectively is what our dear liberals and seculars do so let’s bring both sides of the coin into the picture now. Time has come.
I”ll to end my answer by sharing a photo:

(Second headline:) A very dear and favourite lie of the people pf his clan

Note-If someone thinks this photo perpetuate fake news, then he/she can expose IndiaToday which has shared both the articles. I am giving the links below:

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