Modi’s master stroke on Ayodhya land dispute

After great strokes of EWS bill, surgical strike, triple talak, decimating Pakistan across world, Modi govt. brings again one major master stroke on Ram Mandir construction. This is a major move and nobody will be able, be it political parties or media, to oppose. Government has appealed the supreme court to return 67 acre land which is not disputed in Ayodhya.

It’s is important to note that after too many dates given for hearing on Ayodhya dispute by the Supreme Court; there is no progress made as SC is not bothered by emotions of billions of law abiding Hindus, who were hopping for justice and as every body knew judges of supreme courts are relieving themselves one by one from the bench. It’s offending belief of crores of Hindus in justice system.

So there was a great pressure on government to either bring an ordinance or find some other alternative to give a way to construct Ram Mandir. Hindus who form major vote bank of BJP is loosing hopes in Modi government and constitution. There were chances of civil unrest in 2019 after election if this case is not making any progress. To avoid it and win election, present government has to respect and address majority population peaceful and legal demand.

Therefore in view of no progress on the issue; government has decided alternate legal route to appeal supreme court to hand over undisputed land to Ram Nyas Parished.

Government has to adopt legal options only as if they would have brought ordinance, as there could have been chances of civil and political unrest in society. This move looks good and legally correct. This astute political move gives government an upper hand over opposition as they will directly be exposed if they start opposing this move. If opposition does this BJP will go to public and will start exposing their stand on Ayodhya land dispute and it will cost opposition parties.

Therefore it can be considered a master stroke by the Modi government as opposition has no option than to support this legal route on Ram Mandir, adopted by the government.

Ram Mandir construction seems possible by this move, BJP seems to be successful in retaining its core vote bank before election.

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