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Is DMK spoilsport or delicious dish for congress?

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The statement of DMK chief proposing the name of Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister Face of united opposition parties was a blunder or a calculated move is difficult answer in one line. Considering the political maturity of late Karunanidhi, Stalin is no way near to the shadow of Karunanidhi with reference to leadership quality or understanding of politics and therefore the proposal made by Stalin cannot be called as a calculated move. It is possible that a dynast is bound to support another dynast and that is how people perceive the gesture of DMK chief. As a result of the immature utterance of DMK chief, the congress party has been left as an orphan by BSP and SP in UP.

Considering the largest number of parliamentary constituencies in UP, the exclusion of congress from BSP-SP alliance in UP is a huge set back to congress to bargain for more seats with various other regional parties especially DMK. In a way DMK has clipped the wings of congress before even the wings grow. Interestingly DMK has positioned itself well on both sides of the bread. If congress fairs decently, DMK can take the credit for proposing the name of the dynast for PM face and if the opposition fairs well, once again the DMK can take the credit that through unnecessary and untimely hype to Raghul Gandhi, DMK only has mutilated congress therefore DMK deserve special appreciation.

It looks like the DMK chief has played the game of Dridarastra to Bhima. After Mahabharat war, the Pandavas came to Hastinapur to pay their respect to King Dridarastra and the five brothers one after the other went to the king to pay their obeisance. But Dridarastra was so revengeful towards Bhima for killing his favourite son Duryodhana and therefore Dridarastra wants to hug Bhima to crush him to death. Knowing this intent of Dridarastra, Lord Krishna presented an iron statue of Bhima first to calm the anger of Dridarastra and only then Bhima went and took his blessings.

The over enthusiasm of DMK chief in projecting Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister face of united opposition parties in fact has crushed the ambition and desire of Rahul Gandhi. This in fact has clipped the wings of Raghul Gandhi at nestling stage itself which might have been the intention of DMK chief, who knows.

Otherwise, the DMK chief must offer all parliamentary seats in Tamil Nadu to congress and thereby DMK can prove to the nation and other regional parties that DMK always walks the talk.

Another interesting point also we must decode from such gesture of Stalin. Rahul Gandhi is extensively travelling in various parts of North India to prove his Brahmin DNA, Hindu origin and Shiva Bhakti. Will Raghul Gandhi prove his Brahmin DNA to the people of Tamil Nadu also? How would the chief of DMK, a born Anti Brahmin, Anti- Hindu justify his support to Raghul Gandhi who is aggressively tracing his Brahmin identity, for the post of Prime Minister of India? Hope people of Tamil Nadu will awake to the new reality and vote out Dravidian politics and support the agenda of development and sab ka vikas initiated by the PM Modi.

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