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Hey dynast, don’t damage the reputation of judiciary

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Decision of the select panel to remove CBI Chief was in fact welcomed by everyone in India but it was politicized by the party of the dynast. The disrespect and bad reputation the CBI chief has earned for the CBI deserves his removal and not forgiveness and advice.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the most upright, decisive and honest Prime Minister of India took a firm decision and in right spirit and understanding, the justice who represented the panel supported. But the politician of the dynast opposed it because the dynast wants to make some politics.

Interestingly the justice AK Sikri was nominated by the Chief Justice of India who along with other two judges rebelled against the then Chief Justice alleging that the then Chief Justice appears to have compromised the independence of judiciary with the government.

When the judges rebelled and brought national shame to judiciary, the political party of the dynast applauded the gesture of the judges without bothering about the respect and dignity of India or the judiciary because the dynast somehow want power even if he can conquer power by destroying or fragmenting India, it is fine for the dynast.

Today the same ‘super-reformer’ dynast is indirectly questing the integrity of AK Sikri as well the Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi who nominated AK Sikri. It is so unfortunate that India has to live and witness such third rate politics being played by an age old political party. Hope this incident will open the inner eyes of all the independent institutions in India and will recognise the dangerous effects of dynastic politics to India. The most disgusting allegation is that AK Sikri supported the removal of CBI chief because he was nominated by the central government for London based Common Wealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal (CSAT) which justice Sikri has turned down long ago.

It is quite natural that wherever any suitable opportunities are available, the government is supposed to nominate someone from the department which the nominee can turn down.  Because of such nomination, the person concerned would breach his integrity and side the government is a wild guess. It means the party of the dynast is reducing every official in the government department to be selfish, are after money and position and can sell their dignity and integrity if any position is offered.

Wise Indians should understand how dangerous politics, the party of the dynasty is playing. For the dynast, the entire India is his family property. In his party it may be true that all the sycophants are sticking there only due power and money and nothing else.  But India is not like that. Indians should not allow the dynastic politics to reduce every independent institution to be a playground for the dynast to play some dirty, third rate politics.

In all matured and statesmanship sense, the justice who was a member of select panel is expected to support the Prime Minister of India and not the politician of the opposition party, as the party doesn’t even enjoy the status of opposition party in parliament.

It is not Narendra Modi, but the Prime Minister of India is in the helm of affairs and therefore the highest office of Prime Minster of India must be respected and supported.

What the congress party reflects in public is its own culture and tradition that it was using every independent institution to dance to its tune starting from the days of the first dynast of the party – Indira Gandhi.

For the right or wrong reason, BSP and SP have realized the danger of congress and that is why they have not given any toe hold space for congress in their alliance. Hope Indians also would vote out the congress and other dynastic political parties that are desperate to capture power to loot our nation.

Indians must support the agenda of development, sab ka vikas and unification of our nation with the great culture of Hinduism and not the dynast to develop own dynasty and club of sycophancy.

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