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‘At birth Prime Minister Claimant’ and his khichdi politics

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The owners of several dynastic political parties and the club of sycophants compete to flock around the ‘at birth Prime Minister claimant’ to be a part of his ‘knowledge harem’ sounds nothing but how irrelevant all these Tukde Tudeke gangs has gone after the arrival of the politics of development and Sab ka vikas of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The khichadi that we make in our kitchen will be tasty, nutritious, it is part of our tradition and is the most sought after dish. Khichdi or Khichri is a dish popular in Indian subcontinent is made from rice and Dal. Several variations are also available these days with different vegetables, cashew, nuts, ghee etc.

No doubt Khichdi is good for health. The question is will the Khichdi government good for our country? Certainly no, Khichdi Sarkar is not good for our country. Khichdi is quite unstable and if stored for more than a day becomes harmful to our health. Like how the different vegetables, nuts, Dal are good for our health are also equally good for several pathogens if the Khichdi made out of all such ingredients stored for a long while. It means, the Khichdi has very short shelf life. If Indians elect Khichdi government formed by Tukde Tukde gangs, not only the Khichdi government will be unstable, it will be harmful to our nation as well.  Like how the spoilt Khichdi can harm the health of the one who consumes and how it can contaminate other food items stored in the kitchen, the Khichdi government by all Tukde Tukde gangs will harm our nation and destroy the mission of development and Sab ka vikas initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Like how the different vegetables exhibit their unique taste and character in the Khichdi, each Tukde Tukde party also will tries to prove their dominance over other in the sarkar and bound to cause instability to our nation. At best the Khichdi government can produce many Prime Ministers and finally the contest shall be between different Prime Minister Applicants. India would then witness not the election of a government by people but the contest of different parties and leaders for the post of Prime Minister.

Already one dynast is claiming he alone is entitled to become Prime Minister of India as he is ‘at birth Prime Minister and therefore his birth right is supreme than merit or electoral performance of any other political party in India.

The ‘at birth Prime Minister’ is ready to engage in any treacherous politics even at the behest of betraying the national interest but never want Narendra Modi to win because Modi and Merit are two sides of the same coin whereas the dynast lacks any merit, political wisdom and maturity therefore he want the country to be a syndicate of sycophants, corrupts and nepotists so that he can breed all such evil forces and continue to hold his throne. But Narendra Modi is so determined and adamant to eliminate corruption, politics of dynasty and nepotism and wants to ensure development and sab ka vika be the vision and objectives of Indian politics.

But for the dynast, the own development is more important than the development of the nation.

People of India must recognize the impending threat of our nation from all such Tukde Tukde parties. 2019 election is the most deciding and defining election. This election is not only going to write the great future of our country but also going to write the obituary note to all Tukde Tukde gangs if Narendra Modi is elected with absolute majority.

India is inches away from its final destination of absolute development and sab ka vikas so Indians cannot afford to go tired or hopeless to make it happen by electing Narendra Modi led BJP again in 2019 with absolute majority.

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