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India’s Prime Minister Narendra  Modi: A charismatic leader

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Narendra Modi, whenever this name comes in our mind, it reflects a strong character, a shining persona, a proud, a valor that belongs to our nation, India. A persona which is fascinating in a way that anyone around him either supporters or oppositions, can’t resist his presence.

Mr. Modi has been the role model to millions of people since his face came into lime-light. A person who knows how to achieve the hardest goal in life. A person who never get tired and weary. A person who arose from dirt and became diamond. A person who has paved his way through his hard work and dedication. A person who took pride for being an Indian.

Another most charming thing about his personality is when he speaks he catches immediate attention of audience. He connects with them instantly. It’s the power of his speech and his fascinating persona, which has made him globally popular (most popular Indian leader on social media, with 50 million people following him on Twitter). A leader for everyone without any discrimination based on religion, caste and color. He even got the title Of “People’s Leader”, when he was gaining victory after victory in every election in India.

If you look at his background, his childhood days were adverse. He was poor, unable to afford very good education and any luxury. What he really had was a dream and determination. He dedicated himself for selfless service of his country. He never enjoyed any of those luxuries in his life like other privileged people. What he enjoyed was sacrifice, devotion and dedication for his country, his motherland.

His rivals often taunt him by using term ‘Chaiwala’, but they don’t know that those hardest days of his life, garnished him with an amazing talent of connecting with mass, gathering their attention, which helped him to win the highest authoritative power. He proved that, even if you don’t have money or back of powerful elites, you can reach to top only through your hard work and determination and that’s what his life is all about.

Since 1947 Congress was the major ruling party in India. In spite of having a strong lobby in media, money power, and back of elites, the ship of Congress got sunk in 2014 in Modi wave. That wave just came and swept every single opponent away. All powerful and so-called elites’ parties were washed out towards shore and that ‘Chaiwala’ became the prime minister of one of the largest democracies in the world.

Since he took the office he is the focus of the world. He took India immediately on global platform to enhance its image in international market. He has always been thoughtful towards the growth and development of his country. Through his creative ideas and diplomatic skills, he has gathered a lot of appraisal internationally. As United Nation’s Environment has bestowed Prime Minister Modi with the 2018 ‘Champion of the Earth’ award for their leadership in promotion of solar energy.

It’s the dedication and capability of  this leader who decided to took India toward a global recognition. With his charm and popularity, he attracted global leaders from developed countries like USA, Russia, Israel, China, Japan to improve India’s economic and political ties. Today everywhere in world Indians feel too much proud of him as he has given them a global identity and strength.

Since his four years of tenure he has started countless new project regarding country’s development. He has pushed India towards a fastest growing economy through make in India Policy. He has started a lot of new schemes for welfare of Indian citizens in health, education, safety, jobs and other sectors.

Corruption has reached to the its lowest point during his tenure as he never had any insecurities regarding his own background and character. Being one-man army, he has nothing to worry about like other dynastic parties, who has been severely indulge in corruption to hold their power and position for its coming generations.He openly criticized Pakistan  and called it mother of Terrorism without hanging in appeasement politics. He does not have any fear to say and hold truth that makes him unique among other leaders.

He has his inclusive way to deal with all hurdles and stand firmly. What he believes he believes, no one can manipulate or cheat him and that is what really hurts his opponents. He is the person who values and respect his origin, his ideologies and his countrymen. What ever he does, he does for betterment of his people although his opponents have been relentlessly trying to nail him down. And that is what makes him a renowned leader. His constant rise on International diaspora and relentless efforts to uplift India from bottom to top reminds me of a couplet by Famous poet Allama Iqbal:

Hazaron Saal Nargis Apni Benoori Pe Roti Hai
Bari Mushkil Se Hota Hai Chaman Mein Didahwar Paida

(For thousand years the narcissus was lamenting its lack of luster;
With great difficulty the one with true vision is born in the garden)

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