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How Naidu bet his salt bag over sinking Congress and lost the game in Telengana

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The chief of TDP Mr. Chandrababu Naidu must recall the bedtime story about the smart donkey and the fate of salt seller after the defeat of his ambition to become king both in Telengana and at national level.

He apparently tried to make the congress to pull his baggage of rejection and dislike of people to become somewhat relevant in Indian politics. He formed an alliance with congress much against the core philosophy and principles of TDP purely due to his greed to become relevant in the changing time.

Naidu suddenly realised that not only he should join the dynast but also must accuse and criticize Prime Minister Modi for everything so that he becomes a great leader. But the intelligent people of Telengana taught a tough lesson to Naidu and made him eat own pie.

Initially he made a wrong mathematics with his outdated political calculator that if he joins with the dynast, he would sweep Telengana assembly. But he did not realize that his baggage is full of salt and he wants the congress to carry his baggage and cross the river, and once the baggage comes to the other side of the river he can safely collect the baggage.

Congress party would have initially felt forming an alliance with TDP is a wonderful thing and only with the support of such fringe political forces Congress can become relevant.  But the same time Congress was in no mood to carry the baggage of TDP.

The donkey that used to carry the salt bag of the merchant once realized that if the bag is dipped in river water, considerable quantity of salt would dissolve in water and thereby the weight of the bag would reduce so the donkey can cross the river easily, then on the donkey started to use the trick to fool the salt seller. But the merchant was not that smart like the donkey, never weighed the quantity of the salt but was always appreciative of the donkey as it quickly transports the salt bags to other side of the river.

Like the salt merchant, the baggage of TDP, Naidu thought he can make the congress to carry and can profit politically. But the Congress, instead of crossing the river, had sunk in the river due to its misdeeds along with the baggage of Naidu causing Naidu to suffer an acute political starvation in Telengana.

The problems of Naidu are deep rooted and he cannot easily wash off his mal-governance through his national ambition. When two politically marginalized, irrelevant political forces join together, naturally they have to share nothing but defeat. The massive mandate of TRS also came from the anger of people against TDP-Congress alliance.

The situation of Naidu after the defeat is quite precarious. The defeat has gone not so deep inside his throat or in his buccal cavity so he could not can either swallow or spit out. He will find it hard going with Congress and will be even harder to snap the ties.

Jaganmohan Reddy is growing politically in Andhra Pradesh and people want Reddy not Naidu for Andhra Pradesh. Alliance between Jaganmohan Reddy, TRS and BJP may prove great for the state, and also such force can end corruption in the state by removing TDP from power.

TRS has mastered its politics and at national level TRS wants an alliance without BJP and Congress. This is smart politics. People want BJP to correct some of its mistakes. The same people never want Congress to comeback to power. So anyone joining hands with Congress will have face defeat and earn wrath of people.

TRS has understood this ground truth and that is why they want to oppose Congress. TRS does not seem to have any problem with BJP as KCR believes in mutual support and co-operation between centre and state for the betterment of Telengana.

But Naidu wants nothing but politics and power. The difference is that both BJP headed by Modiji and TRS believes in development and governance while Naidu and Congress believe in politics and negativism. People of Andhara Pradesh and Telengana are wise and will certainly prove the permanent extinction of TDP from Indian politics.

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