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Braminical patriarchy and Brahminism is real. Stop shielding it. Read to know

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In his recent visit to India Twitter CEO, Jack ended himself in an unwanted controversy. While posing with some self-claimed activists, intellectuals and fake news peddlers, Jack posed with a poster with “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” written over it.

Soon this picture was all over internet. Many Indians took strong offense to this statement saying that Patriarchy is patriarchy and there is nothing called Brahminical patriarchy. Many dared Jack to pose with similar posters about Abrahamic patriarchy, which is known for their historical figures and priests raping kids, and in modern times making sex slaves, Halala, Mutaah etc.

Having said that the questions raised by Indians about Jack’s casteist and bigoted poster is justified, I strongly believe that Brahmincal patriarchy is for real in India. By some examples I will try to tell the readers why I believe so.

All of us know that the Sanatan Dharma doesn’t further the birth-based caste system and hence any discrimination based on birth goes against Dharma. What Sanatan Dharma have is work-based Varna system, in which one has to attain a Varna and maintain the Varna, which is not simply awarded to you because you were born to certain parents.

Over ages, this work-based system got corrupted into birth-based, and many reasons can be given to this corruption. From greed to retain power withing a closed community to an Adharmic way of ensuring employment for everyone – one can give any reason. Whatever be the reason, it gave birth to lots of injustice and skewed balance of power.

Sadly, even in today’s time, at least legally caste is determined by birth. But the Hindu society progressively is making sure that the caste system becomes weak. For example Swami Ramdev, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Sadhvi Uma Bharati, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Yogi Adityanath and many are all born to non-Brahmin parents, but the Hindu society not only accepts them but respects them as Brahmins. There are many such examples.

Now this system doesn’t go well with some bigots, so they try to capture the positions of power using the surnames, and from those positions of power, they oppress weaker sections like tribal, women and economically weaker sections. They oppress and exploit these sections sexually, economically and socially. I will list out some names now who have indulged in sexually or otherwise exploiting women, teens and have faced no action because of their surnames which will prove my point that Brahminical patriarchy does exist.

1. Brajesh Kumar Pandey: Brajesh is a Bihari Brahmin, a Congress leader and brother of NDTV propagandist Ravish Kumar. Brajesh was accused molesting a Dalit girl and running sex racket. Brajesh and his brother Ravish using their Brahminical privileges not only blocked this news but even police feared in taking actions against this might rapist. As per reports, Brajesh was giving media bites and demanding narco test of the girl who accused him of molestation. If he was not a powerful Brahmin, he should have been in jail and not giving media bites.

2. Kanhaiya Kumar: Kanhaiya Kumar is communist student leader being promoted by left liberal cabal of the Indian media. He can always be seen on big television platforms. Actually he was promoted by the media houses in the first place. This blue eyed guy of Indian media was urinating in public when a girl had objected, then in return this person had flashed his genitals towards the girl, for which he was punished by the university. Kanhaiya Kumar is Bihar Bhumihar Brahmin. The Indian media, which is dominated by Brahminical molesters didn’t even cover this story, rather they happily invite this person on their platforms.

3. Varun Grover: Varun is not a Brahmin rather he a Kshatriya who enjoys almost similar privileges in caste based Indian society. Recently he was accused of molesting a Dalit girl during his college days at BHU. But Varun using his caste privileges tried to say that the girl is lying or the girl never existed. Earlier he himself ran a campaign that ‘trust the victim’, but in his case he went on defending himself without any credible proofs. The Indian liberal media quietly suppressed the allegations because the alleged molester happened to a Grover.

4. Vinod Dua: The caste of Vinod Dua is not known to the author, but he is certainly a representative a Brahminical patriarchy. He was accused of harassing and molesting a young journalist twice using his positions of power. Dua called the serious allegations as ‘keechad uchhalna’ and even his daughter, who became famous due to privilege of being born in an influential family, supported him. No action was taken against him, which shows the deep rooted Brahminical patriarchy.

5. Utsav Chakravarty/Tanmay Bhatt /AIB: AIB is a well-known semi-porn website which was founded by Tanmay bhatt and his team. A closes associate of Tanmay, Utsav was accused by many teens of molestation. Utsav is a Bengali Brahmin and Tanmay is also a Brahmin. Tanmay knew about pedophile behavior of Utsav and he kept working with him. Almost many members at AIB including Tanmay have said things that can be argued to be bordering mental illness of being pedophiles. But Tanmay and AIB enjoy huge support from Indian media because of their caste.

There are many more such examples from Bollywood, Indian Media, and Authors where the rapists and molesters which Brahmin surname have been shielded by their partners, I mentioned five from recent weeks just to keep the list short.

It is ironic that such people claim to be the voice of Dalits, oppressed, women etc. But these are only the cover, deep down they are all rapists, molesters or potential killers. They use these ideology of being feminist, socialist, liberal to lure young girls only to rape them later.

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