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Brahmin DNA, Italian DNA, ‘Indian Hitler’ DNA what more the dynast has?

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The way the dynast is abusing Narendra Modi, the most upright, honest and very decisive Prime Minister of India must be condemned by the electorates in 2019. The dynast is further accusing him as an autocrat, invading the freedom of institutions etc. without least shame for carrying the DNA of the Hitler who butchered democracy, curbed the freedom of speech, invaded the independence of judiciary and jailed every voice of decent.

Memory of India about the atrocities of Indira Gandhi during emergency is quite vivid. When Rajnarayanan filed a case against Indira Gandhi in Allahabad court for corruption and misuse of power during election, everybody thought the fight of Rajnarayanan would settle like a little storm in tea cup. But the case was taken up by Mr. Shanthi Bushan and argued and exposed the lies of Indira Gandhi in the court of law and made Indira Gandhi to admit her lies. Subsequently the Allahabad court passed a judgment disqualifying the election of Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India and barred her from holding any public position for 6 years. The shell shocked Indira Gandhi then engaged Nani Palkiwala to argue her case and stayed the judgment on the ground of pending appeal.

Mr. VR Krishna Iyer, the then Supreme Court Judge granted conditional stay to the Allahabad judgment. In a bizarre fashion the cabinet of Indira Gandhi passed amendments and G.O in Parliament stating that the sitting Prime Minister cannot be disqualified ironically with retrospective effect. Further the amendments were also made accordingly that the sitting Prime Minister can use the service of state bureaucracy which is not unlawful. Once again the above enactment was made with retrospective effect. After passing all necessary enactments in Parliament, the grandmother of the dynast clamped emergency and hunted down all opposition leaders, jailed them, cut down the freedom of press and finally the judge who appeared to have favoured her was made as chief justice of India irrespective of his juniority.

The fragile opposition although defeated Indira Gandhi in the next election but the life of the fragile opposition did not last long and again Indira Gandhi came back to power. Today the dynast who claims to be carrying the DNA of Brahmin is also carrying the DNA of one of the most dreaded Prime Ministers of India and sermons to the world about democracy, institutional independence, freedom of speech etc. The dynast is trying to derail the agenda of development and sab ka vikas initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi questions the institutions to remind them of their accountability and responsibility to our nation. He as a decisive Prime Minister demands performance and results from several departments which were left loose to wallow and sun bath at the expense of tax payers’ money.

Indira Gandhi invaded our constitution, freedom of speech, blacked out institutions and did not even spare judiciary but the grandson of Indian Hitler is preaching the principles of democracy.

Democracy and individual freedom never exist in family establishment called congress party.  Slavery, sycophancy and sheep mentality alone is encouraged and cultivated in the party.  The prince who is moulded in the same dye is today talking about democracy, freedom of speech etc., and abusing PM Modi.

People of India are wise and they will certainly recognise the importance of development and sab ka vikas as well as how safe is India under the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Indians will not let corruption and nepotism to corrode India and the culture of dynasty to ruin our country.

The DNA of dynasty, the DNA of Hitler, DNA of corruption and nepotism, DNA of sycophancy and the DNA that thinks it alone is born to rule India will destroy our country if Indians fail to support the agenda of development and sab ka vika initiatives of PM Modi.

The tyranny of Hitler rule people of India should read from history book before they vote in 2019.  Narendra Modi must be re-elected if we want to save India and democracy and on the contrary if dynast is re-elected, slavery and sycophancy alone will flourish. Hope Indians will show wisdom and weigh national interest over personal preferences.

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