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AYUSH treats the patient not disease, immigrate Vaidya to AYUSH from cross pathy

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Unlike modern allopathic system of medicine which diagnoses and treats the disease in particular, AYUSH believes in treating the patient as a whole and that is how it offers the paramedical, wellness based care and healing touch to the patient. India has always grown, developed and advanced in the health sector by including the holistic values by giving utmost importance to the patient than treating the disease in isolation. That is why AYUSH has faith, divine spirit, moral codes, self- discipline etc., than science and experimental proof. The science of AYUSH is different from modern science that rules the world. The science of AYUSH is faith based, i.e., the patient and his/her family members also must believe and trust the Vaidya unconditionally and all of them must follow the instructions of the Vaidya without doubting or questioning.

The divine cord and not the scientific proof that link the Vaidya with the patient. AYUSH so profusely mandate the Vaidya also to follow strict discipline, show high level of honesty and stick to their wisdom and not to breach or pretend as a scholar. But the situation today is totally different.  Most of the present day AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice are so unethical from the philosophical points of view of AYUSH and are engaged in cross pathy. They display half-baked knowledge in allopathic system, claim they are expert in modern medicine but are totally ignorant about own fundamentals – Tridosha method of diagnosis.

Even these days, the advanced country like UK recognizes the importance of midwives and encourages their service in rural areas where qualified doctors are not available. Further the medical care is also quite expensive where the service of midwives is quite affordable. Similarly the treatment of a disease by allopathic system is quite expensive whereas the patient care by AYUSH vaidya is quite affordable as AYUSH is a paramedical wellness centric system that offers healing to the mind as well.

If adequate importance is given to the paramedical wellness based therapy system of AYUSH and AYUSH is promoted for holistic paramedical benefits, certainly India can even prevent the episode of several diseases. The service of AYUSH can be promoted in different parts of India for creating health and hygiene awareness, diet regiments to be followed during different seasons, importance of health moral and health disciple etc. Cross pathy by several AYUSH vaidya in private practice is really destroying the mission of Ministry of AYUSH. Need of the day is patient care and not just treatment of the disease. India has huge burden of chronic, non-communicable diseases both in urban and rural areas. When the treatment leading to total cure is impossible, the importance must be on patient care which is not the subject of allopathic system of medicine. The abundant AYUSH viadyas in private practice can be judiciously used for patient care, wellness and counselling to all those patients who suffer from various chronic ailments.

It looks like we are wasting the rich tributes of AYUSH by allowing cross pathy to happen instead of converting all those AYUSH vaidyas who are engaged in cross pathy in their private practice to promote AYUSH. Once they recognise the importance of patient care certainly they all will immigrate back to AYUSH practice. The stupendous contributions of AYUSH to humanity should not be lost due to cross pathy by several AYUSH vaidya in private practice.

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