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The agenda of Ram mandir and development are monozygoic twins

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Many of the so-called political pundits, neo reformists and neoliberals wonder whether 2019 election is going to be fought on the agenda of Ram Mandir or development and sab ka Vikas? Unfortunately the extraordinary brilliance and scholarly wisdom of all those self-appointed political pundits, neo reformists and liberals do not allow them to understand the fact that the true meaning of development is not just materialistic but spiritual as well and that is what is called in management as ‘organic growth.

India is a Hindu Rastra and people of different religions in India also follow some practices of sacred Hindu culture.

Lord Ram is the identity, culture and ethos of Hindu tradition and Hindu rastra.  Lord Ram was not just the icon of Hindu culture but was also a great ruler-king.  Therefore, a mandir for Lord Ram as wished by millions of Hindus across the world and the agenda of development of India and sab ka Vikas are all inter-linked.

Development and sab ka Vikas should not be seen only through the lenses of materialism or materialistic growth.  Development must include the index of happiness and wellness as well.  Development cannot be limited to just to the financial quotient alone, we also must develop spiritual, moral, social and ethical quotients as well among people of this country. The spirit of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya alone can unite diverse India and achieve sab ka vikas.

Unlike the west, India should always attempt to develop organically where people are empowered, have sufficient opportunity, support and freedom to pursue the entrepreneurial quest / inner call, are morally conscious, spiritually awakened, show a high level of self-discipline, socially responsible and that should be the real development agenda of India.

Modiji is the first Prime Minister of India to envisage the total and complete development of our country like how our great freedom fighters envisaged ‘sampoorna swaraj’.

Lord Ram is dear to everyone in India and different traits of Ram are followed in every household even today.  Therefore the demand for the temple for Lord Ram at his birthplace is indeed development centric and is not away or different from the agenda of development of our country.

Our politics need the intervention of God and only then we can reform our country consciously and morally.

Lord Ram was a true husband, disciplined son, responsible king, followed the rule of law, given respect to every dissent and protected his kingdom by destroying all evil forces.  Ram represents the true development milestone of India.  The development of India will not be complete and meaningful without the Ram temple at Ayodhya.

In science, we can separate heart, liver, brain etc., and also we can study them individually.  But the mission of development and sab ka Vikas as envisaged by Modiji cannot be limited to just the economic development alone.

Development of the human mind, making man conscious of his responsibilities and duties both to his family, society and to the country is equally important.  Therefore having Ram Mandir for Lord Ram at his birthplace as one of the major poll agendas is inevitable and people of India are not going to read such agenda differently like the so-called neoliberals and reformists or the self-acclaimed political pundits from the pay list of the dynast interpret and describe.

It is the testing time for the dynast to prove his true Siva Bhakti, trueness of his intentions to save cows and who is the real carrier of Brahmin DNA.  If the dynast is true, he must support the ordinance of Modi government to build a Ram Mandir.  If the dynasty fails to support the mission of Ram mandir it means the dynasty is neither true to Muslims nor to Hindus and just playing to the gallery, the cheap vote bank politics.  Hindus should expose the dynast how true he is to the ethos of India and build Hindu rastra through Ram Mandir.

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