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Owaisi, mastering the art of strategically dividing India

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From Abusing Hindu God and Goddesses, to orchestrating anti-Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai feelings in Muslims, attributing under recruitment in the military to religious prejudice, counter-factually decrying the “injustice” of the Supreme Court’s decision to hang Yakub Memon, protesting against the Supreme Court’s decision on Triple Talaq issue, to fear-mongering within the Muslims Communities on several occasion, where he recent issued a statement stating, “BJP wants Muslim Free India.”

I still remember my school and college days, not long ago, living and enjoying a multicultural environment. Students and teachers, from all faiths including Muslim showed their National Pride by singing Vande Matarm and chanted Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Unfortunately, I see a growing divide between the Muslim and Greater Indian Communities, on this issue today. Thanks, in large part to Owaisi brothers.

The duo of, Asaduddin Owaisi who is a Member of Parliament and the President of the All India Majilis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeem (AIMIM) also known as Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) and the younger brother Akbaruddin Owaisi, a Member of the State Legislative Assembly.

The brothers have repeatedly abused Hindu Culture, and its Gods and Goddesses.

In-spite of their existence for decades, this party never gained predominant national attention; they were basically limited to Hyderabad and certain parts of Andra Pradesh, which is now divided into Telangana and Andra Pradesh.

Until, they came in a spot light after Akbaruddin Owaisi’s violence inciting Anti-Hindu speech on December 24, 2012, while addressing the public at Nirmal Town of Adilabad District. He said, “The population of your Hindustan is 1 billion, while we Muslims are 200 million. Just remove the police for 15 minutes, Muslims of India would need only 15 minutes to show the Hindus of India who is more powerful.” Adding fuel to the fire and spewing further hate, he abused Lord Shri Ram and his mother, Kaushalya.

After this instance, there was a National Outrage in the Hindu Community, resulting in the Owaisi Brothers and AIMIM becoming front page news. With their vitriol, they gained the national attention, that their dynastic party was never successful attracting, in the past.

How greater do you want the Lord to be? Even after they insulted Lord Shri Ram, Owaisi gained what their ancestors were never able to achieve, just by uttering Lord Shri Ram’s name, they got national recognition. Imaging where they can reach, if they start worshiping Lord Ram.

Owaisis and the entire AIMIM should thank Lord Shri Ram and apologize for the abuse. They are, who they are because of Lord Shri Ram. These people supposedly are concerned about Muslims and their rights and safety. Muslims couldn’t be safer, anywhere in the world, than under Ram Rajya.

Once national attention was gained, a series of abuse to Hindu Gods and Goddess started in earnest to flow, from Akbaruddin.

Strategically, the younger brother Akbaruddin is used as a scapegoat (Bali Ka Bakra) by his elder brother Asaduddin. Whilst, the elder brother gains a national level platform, the younger brother was “thrown under the bus.” Akbaruddin is limited to regional politics due to his hate-mongering image. He is facing criminal charges and apparently will face the consequences, alone. On the other hand, Asaduddin continues to grow his national level political image and advances his strategic mission of pandering to the Muslim feeling of insecurity.

Full steam ahead, for the dividing politics of Asaduddin Owaisi. Several issues like, (but not limited to) where he created a false narrative that singing Vande Matarm and chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai is Anti-Islamic. Provoking several Muslims to take a stand against singing Vande Matarm and chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai. While many Muslims came out saying they did not believe him. Unfortunately, he was successful in persuading a big portion of the Muslim population, including many highly educated professionals and intellectuals.

Then he played his next Muslim card, of so-called unfair persecution. As a Lawyer, he is knowledgeable of the judicial process. He opposed the Supreme Court’s decision in Yakub Memon Case, who was convicted by the court for his involvement in the Mumbai Serial Bomb Blast Case, in 1993. Owaisi made an irresponsible statement, “Yakub Memon is hanged because he is a Muslim.” Creating dread within Muslim community, basically inculcating in their minds that people are being punished and not given fair trials as they are Muslims. His statement regarding the Memon Case, is at once bizarre and inaccurate.

Thus, pushing forward Owaisi’s agenda to further divide Indian, under the name of religion.

Now, because of his divisive agenda, the Muslims are starting to feel their country is bigoted towards them and they are imperil. He has convinced them that in order to ensure their safe, they must elect him, Owaisi and he will be their voice, protector and savior. I feel bad for the Muslims, who have fallen for his Makavellian Agenda, while he pulls the string of his followers, his puppets who will dance to his tunes.

Similarly in 2017, he steered another controversy, this time trying to divide Indian Armed Forces, based on religion. Linking religion to military jobs, he questioned the percentage of Muslims recruited in the military. If they were purposefully being under recruited, as undesired faith.

He spoke extensively against Supreme Courts decision on Triple Talaq (Triple Divorce), where a Muslim Men can divorce his wife just by saying Talaq (Divorce) three times. It can be done over the phone call, email or text. Supreme Court had declared this unconstitutional earlier this year. However, Owaisi use this opportunity to portray this issue as the Indian System interfering with Islamic Faith. In truth, Triple Talaq has much more to do with patriarchy than Islam. As a matter of fact, it is not practiced in several Islamic Countries. As a democracy, this informal style of divorce should not be practice in India.

His legacy of creating insecurity in Muslims, to strategically divide India continues. Recently, he made a preposterous statement, where he stated that BJP’s President, Amit Shah wants to alienate and expel Muslims from India.

India has the third largest Muslim Population, next to Indonesia and Pakistan. India is home to 10% of the World’s Muslim Population. India has approximately 172 million Muslims.

A country where, Indian Muslims believes, “Muslims cannot be safer in any other country than India.” A country, where if one Muslim dies in an unfortunate event, there is an outcry in the entire country. Owaisi, uses his “intelligence” and foresightedness to make this comment and his true motive is no secret.

If you analyze, his acts and statement, he has always use religion as a tool to misguide Muslims and divide Hindus and Muslims, jeopardize the harmony within the country by his provocative speeches and statements. Essentially, he is patronizing the Muslim community. Who in turn, will just learn hate and animosity, at his hands towards Hindus and India in general, their homeland. They are being strategically divided by Owaisi’s vicious politics.

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The Axiom
Writer, Vlogger, Hotelier, Loves Cultural Anthropology.
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