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Indians should know even Gods were fooled by demons, beware of 2019

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Most of the demons, evil forces and Rakshas were true devotees of God once in their life time. Only through their deep devotion, they could fool God and attain invincible power to destroy the world.

Ravana, Narakasura, Hiranyakashipu are some of the best examples for the above description. In democracy, people are the real God and their vote alone defines the fortune and destiny of the nation. The Hindu mythology and our epics have clearly shown that even God got fooled by all those Rakshasas and demons and that is how they were given boon to become invincible and devilish. Finally the God himself had to destroy all the evil forces through different ploy.

Today many proven corrupt political forces are rallying up together to cause instability and destroy the mission of development and sab ka vikas initiated by the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Like in Hindu mythology, all those corrupt forces wants to grab power and wants to steal the rule of virtue, truth, honesty, integrity, sab ka vikas to establish the rule of lawlessness, corruption and scams, nepotism, poverty and no development. Like how even God once got misguided by the devotion of all those evil forces, people of India should not fall victim to all those pseudo forces and elect those forces to destroy our nation which is being built brick by brick by the BJP.

The destruction of 6 decades cannot be corrected so easily in just 5 years but PM Modi has taken up such daunting task, worked tirelessly, brought transparency and accountability in the system, made sure that poor people are integrated into the banking system, power and cooking gas connections were reached to millions of poor houses, drinking water and sanitation facility were created for them, health guarantee and medical insurance were given and in true sense, made the mission of the Modi government is meant to achieve sab ka vikas. Millions of houses were constructed for poor people.

In 2019 election, every vote is extremely important and the voting right people should not see through a narrow prism of party politics but such right must be executed for the development of our nation to fulfill the vision of New India as envisaged by the PM Narendra Modi. Every citizen is important and has a big responsibility to build New India as envisaged by Modi.

Every Indian must read, understand and interpret righteously the mythology and epic of great Hinduism to understand how even the God was sabotaged by the devotion of many evil forces.  The message to be understood is that the appeal of all evil forces can be sometime very luminous, colourful, attractive and tempting. All evil forces will be humble in the beginning to grab power and once power is achieved then they will exhibit their true nature.

India has seen in the past how the regional forces have destroyed India by forming a broken alliance. At this stage, India cannot afford to have an unstable government or coalition government by different regional forces that may cause instability and destruction. Such government cannot perform in a decisive manner nor will have national vision.

India is inch away from becoming economic super power and this small gap can be filled only if Modi government continues in 2019 and beyond. If a ‘Khichadi’ government is allowed to rule India, it would take India back to the days of congress where the growth rate of India was just 3% or below.

The dynastic forces are working hard to grab power so that they can establish the relevance of their dynasty. If power is given to dynasty, naturally the dynastic forces will ensure all investigations and court cases initiated against them are derailed, nullified and again the same saga of corruption, scam and nepotism returns back.

India must grow as one nation and we must regain our identity as proud Hindus, focus on development, sab ka vikas and corruption & scam free New India.

After knowing well how Ravana, Padmasura (Sura Padma), Hiranyakashipu etc., spread tyranny after attaining invincible power by praying to God, we the Indians should not commit the same mistake of electing all those divisive, fringe forces just to repent and confess later. India needs Modi led BJP and not dynasty. Let us not make the mistake of the God instead let us learn from it.

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