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God, missionaries of anti-God and dynasty politics in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu politics was swirling around Anti God for decades and that is how the self- appointed champions and messiah of Dravidians capture power and could successfully brainwash generations to their ideology to establish the brand of dynasty politics. The Aryan invasion theory they sold successfully and converted the majority of the population in Tamil Nadu to believe the illusion or the political fallacy as an eternal truth that the Tamil population except Brahmins belongs to Dravidians and so are the people in rest of India, especially the North India’s population too belong to Aryan race.

They initially targeted Brahmins and then the language- Sanskrit and Hindi, then God and all divine practices. The champions of Dravidian-ism successfully established their empire and dynasty culture in the name of Tamil but the real history of Tamil language has come into existence only through rich tributes to God. Only the spiritual masters and Siddhars have developed and promoted the sacred, divine Tamil culture and Tamil language. But the champions of Dravidian-ism cuts the umbilical cord of Tamil culture and sacredness of Tamil language from divine spirit and Bhakti way of life and injected hatred towards one community called Brahmins and storm fermented the thoughts of generations by tutoring that they belong to Dravidians.

All the recent genetic and anthropological studies have shown that no two separate race of population exist in India and the theory of Aryan versus Dravidian is nothing but a myth. The Dravidian brigades succeeded in isolating and persecuting the Brahmins first and then the God.

Every community in India follow certain traditional practices. For example Islam community do animal sacrifice to wash off their sins or to please their God. Naturally one can ask how our sins can be washed off by killing innocent animals or how God will be pleased when an innocent animal is being sacrificed for the sins of people.

Brahmins were following certain rituals and religious practices for themselves. People belong to all castes in India do follow certain rituals and practices of their customs. But the champions of Drawidians described all such customs followed by Brahmins were to establish their superiority over others and injected hatred in the society. Since Brahmins were thin minority in the state, the champions of Drawidian-ism could easily persecute Brahmins to ashes but by the time the ager or hatred generated among people towards Brahmins wants more food for its survival, they brought God, Hindi and Sanskrit language, Hindu culture etc. In order to keep the furnace burning, the champions of Drawidian-sim trained their gun against God, rituals etc. The anti-God plank had given rich dividend to the champions of Drawidian-ism and reaped maximum political benefit from the politics of hatred and persecution. In the beginning they persecuted Brahmins and later they persecuted God.

Today it looks like Tamil Nadu is craving for change. Majority of the people have started to come back to the age old bhakti movement and have become believers of God. This is a welcome change and certainly all God loving people will understand how the great Tamil culture derived from divine worship has been tormented in the name of Drawidian-ism and to establish dynastic culture is changing. The seed of change in the state has started to sprout and soon the divine spirit and God believers would make the state free from caste systems, hatred and the myth called Drawidian-ism. Hope Brahmins also would get a toe hold space in the state and could have some right over their land to prove they also belong to the great Tamil culture.

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