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God believers can change the political landscape of Tamil Nadu from ethnic emotion psychosis

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People may wonder how Mr. H Raja of BJP can change the fortune and destiny of Tamil Nadu so easily that it has been culturally, politically and socially, psychologically programmed to think and function in a unitary manner. The political culture of the state has been shaped so firmly with Dravidian miasma where it divides the society into two unequal halves as Dravidians and Aryans.   They sowed and harvested the crop of hatred towards Brahmins and God.

Initially the champions of Dravidian ideology argued that the population in entire south India are Dravidians but when the first Dravidian government was formed, the G.O of the same Government clearly classified the Telugu speaking backward class people ‘Adi Telugu speaking’ people and Tamil speaking people belongs to the backward as ‘Adi Dravidar’. This truth clearly exposes the honesty of the Dravidian doctrines proposed by the so called champions of Dravidian-ism.

H. Raja is so bold, brave, explicit and articulate to expose the anatomy of the ploy of champions of Dravidianism as how they have destroyed the state in the name of Dravidian-ism and persecution of Brahmins and God.

To hold onto the power, they cleaved the state culture from the mainstream, programmed the culture to be unique and further infused hatred, anger and opposition towards the rest.   English as a language is flourishing in India despite our linguistic diversity and similarly English has no way influenced people to demean or forget their mother tongue.

But the brigades of Drawidianism ruined the state education through spreading hatred for Hindi by citing that Hindi as language of Brahmins and if Hindi is allowed, Brahmin dominance would comeback.  They used hatred and fear to spread their political culture of Dravidianism. Today the brigades of Dravidianism have reduced their philosophy to promote dynastic rule where one family is going to matter than anything else in the state.

H. Raja is not batting for BJP or for power. He is asking people to think and learn about how the state politics and has been hypnotized with an illusion or the mist called Dravidian-ism.

The imperial rulers denied freedom, looted our resources and treated us like slaves. Entire India starting from Cape Cameron to Kashmir, from Run of Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh fought against Imperial rulers and united India and got freedom.

As soon as India got freedom, the state of Tamil Nadu lost its freedom and appears to have got imprisoned by cult politics over Dravidian-ism. Caste system was catalysed, fomented and nurtured but from not getting all such nefarious politics noticed, hatred towards Brahmins, Hindi, God, divine practices etc., were kindled and fueled continuously.

H Raja is not just speaking to the ears of people but he speaks to the conscience of people. H Raja is not asking people to get convinced but asking people to think and learn. H Raja is not asking people to change at the individual level but requesting them to change the destiny and fortune of Tamil Nadu by throwing the brigades of Dravidianism who used ‘ethnic emotion psychosis’ to grab power and nothing more than that.

For the state to prosper the state must promote merit and not dynasty culture, system of education should focus on knowledge and wisdom, learning new languages like Hindi and not hating Hindi, questioning the cult and not following it so blindly.

In Tamil Nadu, H Raja is fighting not just the political battle or electoral battle, but he is fighting to the Tamil consciousness to save the state from the so called champions of Dravidianism as they promote nothing but own selfish interest, cult of personality and dynasty.

H Raja is sowing the seeds of change, a new Tamil Nadu. He knows that his efforts are like how several thousands of seeds of many trees when fall, only one seed could grow and become a big tree, bringing a change in Tamil Nadu from the way the politics of past has shaped the state over generations, is not that easy. But efforts must continue as majority of people in the state are coming back to divinity and rituals. Dravidian icons promoted the culture of persecution of Brahmins and God but the people are returning to God believers and this is the first sign of good old Bhakti era of Tamil culture is coming back. BJP alone can save India and Tamil Nadu.

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