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Contrast between defeat and success in Indian politics – Narendra Modi versus dynasty politics

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Bear is considered to be a very dangerous, ferocious and an unpredictable animal. In jungle both plants and animals have to fear a bear because bear is an omnivores animal, meaning it eat both plants and animals. During winter the animal would hibernate (sleep) for several months and when it wakes up from hibernation, naturally it would be hungry so it eats whatever is available be it plant or animal. It is unpredictable purely because of its hunger and it has become omnivores also only because of its hunger.

Some politicians in India are known to go for long vacation and holiday and during election time such politician would wake up to display their hunger for power. The hunger for power would make them angry, unpredictable and do anything to fill the hunger for power.

As a result, the display of identity as Brahmin, Brahmin DNA, Gotra, temple run, cow protection to joining hands with urban naxals, Pakistan, secret meeting with China……… every dirty tricks in politics such omnivores politicians will do to grab power. From minority appeasement to majority appeasement, compromising the internal security of India by demanding the price details of Rafale, misuse and infuse of politics in every institution to speak against the government, create confusion and unrest in the country, everything the omnivorous politician would do to grab power.

If we scientifically look at the behaviour of a bear we can understand that the bear prefers to go for hibernation only due to lack of food. When it wakes up, the hunger makes the animal arrogant, angry, unpredictable and dangerous. Similarly the omnivorous politician had gone for frequent vacation and holiday only because of joblessness. When he comes back he realizes that he is jobless and hence utters all nonsense to catch the attention of the public to somehow grab power.

The dynast may be under the presumption that catching the attention of public is equal to victory. Indians are seriously watching the dynast to understand whether the dynast has changed after defeat. But defeat has not taught any lessons to the dynast and the defeat has only made the dynast arrogant and eccentric. For people in general, defeat would make them humble, humane, sagacious and careful. But the dynast has neither changed nor has learned any lessons mostly because the sycophants are constantly feeding the dynast with royal jelly that he is born Prime Minister of India.

Look at the contract. Narendra Modi has not just won the election in 2014 and become Prime Minister of India, he has won the hearts of millions of Indians, graced the life of millions of poor people through honest governance aimed to achieve sab ka vikas, uplifted the life of poor and made them aspirational, working hard to connect entire India with its great cultural identity – Hinduism, still he is very humble and humane. Narendra Modi is recognized to be one of the most powerful and influential leaders in the world, still PM Modi remains humble and pleasantly recollects his day as tea seller.

The reason why PM Modi is so humble and doing everything to alleviate poverty, inequality, illiteracy is because Modi comes from a poor background, Modi knows the taste of hunger, poverty, neglect etc. But the dynast knows nothing because the sycophants are there to pamper the ego and arrogance of the dynast.

By birth the dynast is arrogant whereas PM Narendra Modi is by birth humble and humane. He is a true leader by birth but the dynast is a leader of sycophants. Poverty has taught PM Modi how to understand and address the problems of poor and underprivileged but the dynast knows only power, how to amass wealth, how to breed nepotism, how to entertain sycophants and how to abuse the true leader and his honesty. Narendra Modi banks of merit, performance and people while the dynast banks of dynasty, nepotism and sycophants.

India need Narendra Modi to alleviate the hunger of poor, develop the nation, achieve sab ka vikas and not a hungry dynast who is so hungry for power, wants to develop own dynasty, loot the nation and breed the culture of sycophancy.   India must prosper as a nation both culturally and economically and our interpersonal relationship, cultural identity – Hinduism, Indian-ness along with development and sab ka vikas must prevail. Narendra Modi alone can offer such development to our nation.

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