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A liar and thief would see only lie and theft – Know more from the politics of the dynast

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It is a well proven psychological fact that a thief or a liar would always see only lie and theft around them and further, they always fear and accuses others as a liar and thief.  One of the possible reasons is that the liar and thief are always worried and scared whether someone would detect their lie and theft so the better way to deflect the attention is to accuse the other person a liar or thief. The other possibility also we cannot rule out. No liar and thief want anyone to excel them so constantly accuse others as thief or liar so others would never dare to excel them.

The dynasty in Indian politics is constantly engaged in making false and fabricated allegations against Modiji and alleging a big scam in Rafale deal. If the Indian electorates analyse the possible pathology and psychological reasons that might be compelling the dynasty to make all such allegations against Modiji from the above scientific truth would easily get the answer easily.

Another mind dimension is also present in the unwise engagement of the dynasty.  When a liar or thief is caught red-handed and even when plenty of evidence are placed before them still they would plead innocence and repeat the same.  The above psychological aspect also may be persuading the dynast to continuously repeat the same allegation with the hope that his lie would become true one day.

Instead of synthesizing a truth with lie in public space the dynasty must focus on how to put his house in order, how he can undo the past mistakes of his dynasty and how he can offer his wholehearted support to Modiji to develop India and achieve sab ka Vikas.

But instead of engaging positively and constructively, the dynasty is working as a divisive and destructive force bursting false and demeaning allegations against Modiji for political mileage and through such engagement, the dynast is literally belittling the dignity of our country and our internal security.

Even the child in the womb recognizes that Modiji is incorruptible and honest. Modiji is a leader of exemplary leadership vision and uncommon wisdom.  Modiji is a sage, a saint, a mendicant and has pledged his life to the country.  Therefore instead of criticizing Modiji, the dynasty must respect and salute Modiji.  In fact, the dynast is disfiguring own character and credibility by levelling all false and unsubstantiated lies against Modiji whom people of India adore and worship.

History of the dynasty may be such that it had survived through decades with the help of sycophants but India has changed thanks to Modiji.  Only merit, honesty, leadership vision, agenda of development and sab ka Vikas shall win and not boasting the greatness of the dynasty or projecting and promoting the meritless dynast.

The growth India has achieved since 2014 in all frontiers is incredible in comparison with 60 years of misrule of the dynasty.  Indians have woken up to new reality and Indians wants to participate in building New India envisaged by Modiji.

India’s cultural identity and glory as Hindu rastra where every religion enjoys equal right and dignity were lost due to the dirty politics of the dynasty through minority appeasement and anti-Hinduism.

Modiji is re-inventing the glory of India with complete focus on development and sab ka Vikas. Indians must join the mission of building New India by rendering their complete and wholehearted support of Modiji in 2019.  They should not pave way for the destruction of this wonderful county by supporting the dynasty that has ruined India.

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