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Why are the Communists not hated as the Nazis?

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The horror of Socialist Nazi Regime during the Third Reich can never be forgotten. 6 million lives extinguished just because they were Jews, is too much to ask for forgiveness. But what the world missed was the biggest crime of them all. A crime which went on to destroy over a billion lives, turned nations into rogue, authoritarian, dictatorial regimes. A death cult which is still taught, welcomed and encouraged by Liberals and the Leftists. Just because it sounds more utopian than the ‘Final solution’ of the Nazis on paper, it is not banished from the Universities and continues to hide all the horrors that it inflicted upon the people who lived under the Regime which followed it’s ideas. Yes. It was Communism.

As said, Communism certainly draws a lot of eyeballs, especially the authors and the millenials, because Communism, initially, is just a theoretical utopian dream, rather than core beliefs being practiced in real life. Wherever it went, Communism created havoc, worsened lives, stomped down freedom, removed the dissenting opinions or ideas. USSR, China, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Africa, Vietnam, Eastern Europe are the ones which faced the truth and the people there are certainly resisting it. Dictatorial mentality took lives of a billion innocents, 58 million in China alone, 20 million in USSR, and still, Mao Zedong is revered in China, Vladimir Lenin is worshipped in Russia. Why the criminals are still considered Gods where they inflicted terror?

1. Like Germany still repents the Anti Semitism and horrors of Fascist Germany, the Russians never really repent the thought, perhaps out of still in fear of their incumbent authoritarian governments.

2. Authors don’t expose the terror of Communism, because, Authors are seduced by words. And as Communism is essentially a theoretical ‘utopian’ concept, unlike the outright defined hatred projected by the Nazis, they never really care what if Communism were to realise.

3. History is written by victors. As Nazis lost the WWII, and USSR won, the crimes of USSR weren’t realised by most of the World. (Infamously depicted in the doctored image of the USSR flag raising over the Reichstag).

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