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My thoughts on core: An agenda for the man on the street

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Most of you might have heard  the term Core right at some point in twitter. Some might be able to recall this enigmatic tweet.

My association with the core ideology started around 2 years back as I accidentally stumbled across it.

I have discussed core framework with many people I know personally. Someone had remarked “I have heard a lot about core and IOI a lot, but what are these?”. So, to start, this is core.

A Core Right agenda for a modern India

Analysis of Core Right Agenda

There is however one problem that is staring at our face: This is about laws and legalese. What can I, as a private person do?

Yes, you cannot go make a law by yourself. But there IS something you can do: Make institutions for your community.

In our culture, knowledge was transmitted orally for generations. Training was imparted by apprenticeship. These institutions – Gurukuls, etc – were in the hands of the community. But today we prefer formal education that is increasingly in the hands of those who are hostile to our civilization as a whole (Core 1). What can we do?

In modern India the prizes in the giant circus called elections is based on the numerical strength of each group. Strong groups are played against each other and are fooled while weak groups combine and get concessions. We Hindus need to turn this dynamic around. But it is not possible without a cohesive strategy. A cohesive strategy is not possible without planning. And thus, here we are. Here’s a list of what you can do about it.

  1. Meet with your community regularly: Have regular meeting where you can discuss the needs of the community. Register as a charitable organisation. Get people together and work together to improve your life. Create this institution and we have a vehicle for any activity that need to be done for the community.
  2. Create a library: Create a library with the best books available on skills with practical applications, things that can help someone land a job. This can be run from some community space or as a distributed library (Books kept in the hands of multiple private members and made available on demand on a shared basis). Books should include ones on local history. If there are no books about your locality make one with help from the older people in your community.
  3. Contribute to your community: If you are someone who has reached a good position help others who may be trying to reach the same position. These can be in the form of talks or townhall meetings. You can take career sessions for kids. Because you can be sure the “secular state” will not fund something like this for you.
  4. Reach out: Reach out to other communities. India is a huge country and has so many internal divisions. But strength lies in unity. Reach out to other communities and cooperate on anything that can be agreed on. Do not let political parties play on your divisions. Ask for institutional autonomy. Ask for the right to keep your traditions alive. And ask for it together.
  5. Do more: There is a lot of things that can be done. A scholarship in the name of a historical heroes for poor students, a self defense club for women, a meeting club for the older people, making a gathering space for hosting exhibitions, shows and celebrations. Have regular meetings. Keep the community alive.
  6. Discuss politics: In our country, politics is a taboo topic since it can incite a lot of hard feelings. But we need to confront things head on and ask how we want this to play out ? How do we get our institutional autonomy back? What laws do we need made?

Making institutions gives you enormous depth. It lets you preserve the culture and transmit knowledge to future generations making them proud citizens instead of the self- loathing people modern education is so prone to turn out. It also helps you counter attacks on your culture and traditions by being able to mount a spirited defense and to put our views across to a wider audience accurately and in a more concise fashion. Let each of us work for this together. Diwali is a signifies the victory of good over evil. This Diwali, let us arm ourselves so that we may triumph.

And keep fighting the discrimination against us.

Jai Hind.

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