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Everyday cheating of Lutyen’s media

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A right-wing individual.

In the media parlance, BJP is accused of degenerating the scientific temperament in the country. The Lutyen’s media has solemnly pledged of doing this. Their readers and viewers religiously follow them and it’s difficult to invade into this chartered territory as well.

Let’s understand the dynamics of it. The jaundiced view or the manufactured truth propagated by Lutyen’s media dominates and indoctrinates the gullible mass. Moreover, their (leftist) aeons of domination at various premier educational institution of the country have fabricated their doctrine which is based on some ideology. The neo believers of this faith are anti-establishment and vacillate across ‘ism’. These institutions have masqueraded the young minds with a biased mindset and to consider Hindu liberals as men of illogical dispensation.

The denizens should answer this question. Who are their soft targets? The variable answers might be college or university students, young professionals or NRIs. First, they will create an ambience where one succumbs to their beliefs because of tender age and being a novice. Secondly, they gradually influence you and then use you as a tool to manufacture and propagate their biased unquestionable truth. You become their harbinger and spread the designated message across the country. The liberal tag gives them immense pleasure and to retain it they corrode their prudence. That’s how it works.

Coming to the scientific temperament, one can state a recently happened incident in the state of West Bengal. A villager was punished with chopping off his finger on charges alleged by a witchcraft practitioner. The leftist media accused the incumbent political regime of this. Upon analysis, one can discern that superstition is an evil practice and must be condemned at any cost. The practitioners of this discipline are uneducated and interest-driven men. So to blame a political regime for this is beyond the pale.

Now, the rechristening of Allahabad to Prayagraj is considered by them a machination to hide the political failure of Mr. Yogi’s government. A sane mind can never conceive a diabolical thought like this. We know that the altruistic motive behind was to connect to the roots. A simple fact.

The cognizance has to be taken by every citizen to educate and spread the awareness. People should make informed decisions and work for the betterment of the country rather than breaking it. Don’t blame BJP for the consequences of 70 years of failed governance.

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A right-wing individual.

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