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Your vote is for politics of survival & revival of dynast or for the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas?

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The opposition unity just to defeat PM Modi will not succeed purely due to the intent and motives of all those parties. Our mythology has proven that the most powerful Duryodhana got defeated by 5 Pandava brothers despite him having several great warriors to lead his army in war like Bhisma, Kripacharya, Drona, Karna, Shakuni, Ashwathama, Jayadratha etc.

From the beginning Bhishma was not happy with the evil designs of Duryodhana but finally he agreed to lead the war only due to his limitations and compulsions. In fact Bhishma had never supported the idea of war by Duryodhana from his heart and he dissuaded Duryodhana on several occasions. Similarly Kripacharya and Drona also did not have their heart with Duryodhana and were mere victims of gratitude that they owe to Duryodhana. Karna too agreed to Duryodhana because Dyryodhana only made him King of Anga Desh. He too knew that there was no Dharma in the war waged by Duryodhana against Pandavas.

Today most of the opposition parties who want to unite against Modi are behaving exactly like Duryodhana. Some of the political parties are facing the same plight of Bhishma or Kripacharya or Drona or Karna. Another point also we must remember. Each one of them wants to join Duryodhana only because they all had received several benefits in the past from the Duryodhana so they have to be grateful.

Congress when it was in power had attempted to bring an ordinance against the court order that convicted persons cannot contest election to bail out Lalu. Naturally Lalu has to be grateful to congress.

The question is not about whether the opposition parties would succeed in defeating PM Modi in 2019 or not but can India afford to experiment such disastrous game plan and sabotage the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas?

Most of the regional parties are literally rattled by the agenda of one India, one election and one tax proposed by the current government.

Since Independence India has been made to work as bits and pieces and the then national party, congress was interested only in dividing India for vote bank. For the first time, Indians have heard the mantra of one India and that has touched the spirit of Indians and kindled patriotism and Indian-ness to new height. This new spirit has rattled the regional parties as they were riding on regionalism and separatism and were never supportive to the ethos of one India.

Due to the compulsion of own survival as a regional party, some of the regional parties want to join the anti-Modi bandwagon. Each of the regional parties have own agenda and none of them have any vision for India or its prosperity. It is a do or die game for them so they are left with no choice. Further they are also simultaneously scared that their support should not facilitate the resurgence of congress which is on life support system.

Skepticism, suspicion, revenge, hunger for power and not the vision of one India is the glue that cements the opposition unity. One group of political parties are fighting for their survival and while the others for revival.

What the opposition parties are going to offer to our nation? People of India must awake to this truth.

Opposition parties want to defeat Modi because Modi is developing India and minimising the scope for scams and corruptions. He is freeing India from dynastic politics, nepotism and politics of divisiveness and minority appeasement.

Like Duryodhana, the opposition group is not going to win but certainly they can ruin India. Shakuni, the uncle of Duryodhana who was the mastermind of the war in fact wants to settle his revenge against own brother-in-law.  Today most of the political parties who wants to unite against Modi are serving own goal and have nothing for India. Should we destroy India by supporting all such divisive and destructive forces?

Need of the hour is focus not distraction, peace and not destruction, development not dynasty politics, nationalism not regionalism, one India not fragmented India, Sab Ka Vikas not Vikas of one family.

Hope wisdom will prevail over petty politics and agenda of development shall win.

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