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We need a clean man Narendra Modi and not those on bail to achieve Swacch Bharat in Indian politics

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The Honourable Supreme Court of India limiting its role to suggest the political parties and Parliament to do the needful to prevent criminals from contesting election deserve rich appreciation. Disqualifying or preventing people from contesting election purely based on charge sheet would create havoc in our political system.

The country is fully aware of the fact how the then UPA1 and 2 had tried every tricks to book Narendra Modi by foisting one false case after another.

The SC wants to give powers to Election Commission to deny symbol to political parties who filed criminals as candidates is also a welcome step.

The problem is not with the suggestion or intention but how a candidate can be declared criminal before conviction is complete. The debate is not about whether the court has the powers to direct the EC to add such conditions or not but the question is whether such an act would seems to encroach the supremacy of the parliament is the major point. The honourable SC has done the right thing by resting the responsibility upon the political parties and parliament to clean up the system.

If the court has done differently, it may warrant a situation where we have to witness several political parties filing criminal cases against each other to prevent them from contesting.

Congress party is known for political vendetta and misuse of power and government machineries.

The biggest question is why several corruption and criminal cases against politicians are getting dragged? If the SC wants to speed up the justice system, many such criminal cases would have come to its finality much swifter. For today’s political mess, the court also owes its fair share although such delay can be justified technically by citing insufficient manpower and other resources.

Like the reform SC wants in our political system, reforms are needed in our judiciary also. Reforms in judiciary shall auger democracy better than the political reform. While we respect and want autonomy and independence of judiciary, judiciary also must be seen working in tandem with the elected government. The big boss approach or attitude by taking the advantage of autonomy or independence may not do well for our country. The time of judiciary also should not be allowed to hijack by the so called activists who are known to cause policy paralysis.

Our political system needs to be reformed.

PM Modi is doing everything possible to achieve the above goal. We should not de-recognize the mission because Prime Minister has not fully achieved the cleaning up of our political system. Such political reformation cannot be achieved only through tough legal formalities, but the participation of every Indian is also needed to achieve the above Yagna.

People of India have recognized the honesty of Narendra Modi and the mission of PM Modi therefore have started to extend their unconditional support to him to ensure his continuation as Prime Minister of India in 2019 and beyond.

People also must recognize how certain forces spread and sell lies and are virtually on bail.

Judiciary is a super speciality institution and therefore it is desired that it just offers its services when asked for or sought. How India has to be shaped, what are the new programs and policies the government must introduce, how to develop the country and how to achieve Sab Ka Vikas, all such rights certainly belong to the popularly elected government and its leader- Narendra Modi.

The country is governed by a Government and the government is elected by people of this country and that is how democracy functions. The elected government only appoint judges. Therefore mutual respect and support between different autonomous and independent institutions and government alone will make India a progressive nation.

By taking the autonomy and constitutional independence and siding certain political parties and display public outcry shall only bring shame to the institutions and will also lower its dignity.

The voters of India certainly believe Narendra Modi and Narendra Modi will bring the much needed reforms in politics but it can be achieved only in phased manner. Need of the hour is everyone must pledge their unconditional support to PM Modi to achieve development and sab ka vikas.

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