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Undeclared emergency | A liberal culture

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How easy it is to wax lyrical on the Hitlerisque, autocratic, communal (and newly added) corrupt regime of Prime Minister Modi where liberals everyday have to face the wrath of the govt just because they are dissenting voices, right? Murders of dissenting voices on a daily basis, threats to journalists and intelligentsia on WhatsApp, Instagram and where-not, lynching of disagreeing intellectuals, hue and cry over “Freedom of Expression” of woke artists, jailing them (for only planning, [not executing] Chhota Mota assassination plots) and branding all of them as Naxals, threatening to send them to a peaceful neighbor. Mota bhai has taken this war personally, and the response from one intellectual is, and I quote him (verbatim) “Kuchh Bhi”

Recently we came across a tweet from eminent historian (who also doubles up as liberal culturalist) Ram Guha, where he mentioned the following.

Why I specifically mentioned culturalist? If we scroll through the definition on Merriam-Webster, it says “one that emphasizes the importance of culture in determining behavior“.

What type of Left-Liberal culture does this fellow showcase here? The one specifically tweeted by MP Shashi Tharoor that the self proclaimed liberals stand for freedom of expression?

In 2011, NYTimes reported how GoI demanded screening of content on prominent sites like Google, Facebook after UPA felt offended on a post on Sonia Gandhi (who, by the way did not hold any official position in the govt).

After a series of embarrassing losses in elections consistently and utilizing wasting maximum political capital in the hilariously Sheikh Chilli styled acts like impeachment of CJI, “make in {visiting city} phone” rallies, awkward unceremonious smiles in funerals, imaginary corruption angles in Rafale issue against Prime Minister Modi, and much more like these, it seems future is not looking THAT bleak for the liberals after all.

After getting a Mon Homme CJI in the apex court, liberals are all smiles as Facebook India gets a new chief. This development is very crucial for the “liberal culture”. Twitter, one of the technology giants is already famous (but not alone) for shadow-banning right leaning voices on it’s platform. With the entry of a UPA leaning man leading Facebook India, which is approx 200+ million user strong, this censorship is expected to increase manifold.

Who can forget an innocent autotune spoof by a creative guy on Rahul Gandhi’s speech being removed by YouTube? The price Rohit Iyengar paid? He had to upload an apology video.

In the coming days, the conservative right should be aware of the actual undeclared emergency on them that the monstrous North Korean Darbaaris are (happily) yearning for.

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