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The lying dynast

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Plenty of lies can be found in literature, mythology, in our daily life and of course in politics.  The conflict of existence versus ethics, only the existence matters to people and that is why we find plenty of lies and lies outscore truth both in our personal and public life.

The debate is not about lie or it should be accepted or we should prevail upon truth and truth alone should be spoken.  We are morally and culturally bound to look at the implications of our lies and how it can impact the future of our society.  Lies at the imaginative fallacy level shall entertain people while the lies in politics most often favour electoral victory.

But the lies that betray the internal security of own country or that can affect the relationship between two nations cannot be treated as existential lie. Such lies should not be believed at the same time such liars must be identified, sorted, isolated and made powerless and such onus of responsibility definitely rest with people of India.

The dynast has proved to be a congenital, compulsive, malicious, pernicious, unconscionable, damned liar. Just for his political survival, he has breached all ethics and values and is targeting not only the Prime Minister, but targets and tarnish the internal security and image of India, and even the army of India.

Ironically he could also find a partner in France, the former Premier of France to twist, distort and truncate the truth to make the dynast, a big liar. The former Premier of France is also appeared to have no concern for own country but wants some prime time space in world media after he demit the office.

The recent political engagement of the dynast over Rafale deal points towards yet another truth that the dynast is a pathological liar.  Besides the dynast being a congenital, compulsive, malicious, pernicious, unconscionable and damned liar, he also appeared to suffer from the disease of lying.

Trust is inevitable for our life. That is why knowing fully well about the possible existence of lie in different form, shape and size; we still trust ’lies’ consciously and move forward.  People who speak lies alone are also tolerated and accepted. But lie harming the basic values and doctrines of human existence and the very existence of own country cannot be accepted nor can be nomenclature such an attempt as part of politics.

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