Thanks giving sermon or new job application appeal by Manmohan Singh?

It looks like suddenly the former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has woken up from his deep slumber and have stated to attack on Modi government. He utters that demonetization has destroyed our country and our economy is in shamble etc. From the point of view of his reputation of running the most corrupt government UPA 2 in India since independence, he is right in his statement. Indian economy would have been inside the Swiss bank account of several corrupt leaders if he were PM. When the exchequer is empty naturally all the bribe monies would have come to market to convert them as white, legitimate money.

Instead of getting into the merit of his statement, we the Indians must seek and search the intent of Manmohan Singh. One may be forced to assume that whether the present sermon of Manmohan Singh is a thanks giving gesture to the family for making him as ‘accidental PM’ or is he submitting a fresh job application thinking of 2019 election in mind.

The personal credentials of Dr Manmohan Singh is unquestionable. But that does not offer him immunity from calling him as ‘PM of the most corrupt government in India at least from perception end’.

The question is how a person of such stature i.e., ‘PM of the most corrupt government’ in India is so brave in criticizing the clean PM of India i.e., Narendra Modi, the leader of high level of integrity, honesty, dedication and true commitment to develop the country and achieve sab ka vikas.

In a sense, the then PM Manmohan Singh of the most corrupt government has openly admitted several omissions and commissions in his government and squirrely blamed the ‘coalition compulsion.

Manmohan Singh also deserves rich tributes for creating several ghost and shadow Prime Ministers in his government to take several decisions independently by neglecting PMO. It was also known that when he was also holding coal ministry, the Honourable court has cancelled the auction due to the smell of scams and prejudice.

Today ‘such’ great leader is giving public sermon. The intention of such sermon must be not to criticizing PM Modi but it is meant more for his job. He may be attempting to put-in his bio-data to the family in advance for the post of PM in 2019 if the party could win. The only way he can impress his boss is to attack Modi and that is what he is exactly doing.

We should not read too much into the statements of Manmohan Singh. By looking at the cluelessness of most of the opposition parties except attacking and abusing Modiji, Manmohan Singh may also be testing his fortune with the opposition parties if they could cobble up to form a disastrous government at centre 2019 where he may be considered as best suited PM as he would be willing to agree remain as a figurehead PM.

It is so bizarre to note that the PM of the most corrupt Government at the perception end – Dr Manmohan Singh is criticising Modi -the PM of the most efficient, able and incorruptible government.

It is so sad to note that how people can lower their stature for power. Indeed through the meaningless and untrue criticism, Manmohan Singh is trying to touch another milestone in his career i.e., from being PM of the most corrupt government (at perception level) to the PM of most divisive and destructive government (if opposition alliance of mutually opposing parties could cobble up a government).

Dr. Sahib, think of India and not about your post retirement job. India need a PM like Narendra Modi and let you be the first to bring a change in India by pleading your support openly to Modi to save India.

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