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Brahmin blood or foreign blood, the dynast display through spreading lies on Rafale deal

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I am reminded of the great saying of Albert Einstein that “As the circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkness around it”.

Today the immature dynast in Indian politics who is so greedy and impatient to become Prime Minister of India is proving exactly what the Albert Einstein has said but in a different way.

The more they dynast speak, the more he proves his ignorance and more he lie, more he reveals the truth on the side of Narendra Modi.

He initially lied to the world that the former French Premier has said that India Government only has chosen Reliance group for the mission and which was completely denied by the French Government proving the dynast wrong and is spreading and selling lies.

The more worrisome aspect is that the dynast is jeopardizing the interest of the nation for fulfilling his political ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Many experts have further stated that the decision of the present government to by Rafale is necessary and India has got the best under Modi regime. Further the experts also commented that there is nothing wrong even if Reliance group is involved although Modi has not done anything wrong in this regard.

The painting – ‘Mother and Child’ has cached the attention and imagination of all art lovers in the world.  The ‘mother and child’ in India has also earned similar title but in different sense and meaning i.e., for spreading lies, destroying the country’s reputation through several scams and scandals etc.

The art lovers in the world when want to possess the master piece art – mother and child, Indians want to avoid the ‘mother and child’ from the political space of India obviously due to their negative politics and politics of destruction.

India’s security and capability is not a matter of consideration for the dynast and what seems to attract the dynast is the post of PM which the dynast want to attain at any cost.

When the congress claims the Brahmin blood in congress we also should not forget the foreign blood which in all probability can go in favour of the foreign land. The actions of the dynast tempts one to think that he is proving more as son of Sonia Mata than son of Bharat Mata.

PM Modi has brought a sea of change in India towards making India a super power. Prime Minister is focusing on Sab Ka Vikas and universal health care. In the defence sector, India is doing the right thing and is increasing its capability to deal our enemy.  But the dynast without understanding the importance of our security looks like playing at the hands of some foreign force. With the help of some foreign force the foreign blood is engaged in synthesize a scam to defame Modi but it is not going to give any dividend to the dynast. All those who carry Indian blood, who chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai will never allow those foreign forces to destroy the country.

Every Indian must unite and identify the dangerous and poisonous politics of the dynast over Rafale deal and damaging the reputation of our country. Virtually there is not even an iota of scam in Rafale deal but the dynast wants to somehow malign the image of Modiji. Through negative politics the dynast is disfiguring the country’s internal security.  When the dynast claim he is a born Siva bhakta and carries the blood of Brahmin, he is also reminding us the loud truth that he also carries foreign blood.

People of India are wise and mature therefore the days of negative politics and politics of destruction will not have any buyers in 2019.

The dynast has full liberty and right to prove he is ignorant, know nothing, knows only to spread lies and falsehood but he has not right to defame India and jeopardise the internal security of our mother land.  This is a very simple expectation and basic responsibility every citizen is expected to have.

Hope the dynast would continue to entertain us through the display and disposal of his utter ignorance without impeding the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas initiated by Modi Government. People of India understand the value of their vote therefore it won’t go to the ignorant entertainer.

India need development and Sab Ka Vikas, India need PM Modi in 2019 as well.

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