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The wink of Priya Varrier versus wink of the Dynast in Parliament

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The wink of Priya Varrier has won the global attention and it became talk of the town. The wink of Priya Varrier went viral and almost stopped India because it was so natural, spontaneous, cute and lively. Any act or expression when it comes with its originality and trueness become authentic and certainly such gestures would gain global recognition.  But imitation would certainly come with limitation.

May be after seeing the wink of Priya Varrier how it captured media attention and went viral, the dynast would have decided to imitate the same so that like Priya Varrier the dynast also become the talk of the county.  The above is only a guess and not a confirmed statement.

It looks like the dynast does not want to take any chance and put too much of hope on wink so he would have subsequently invented another idea that was to go and hug Modiji in parliament. When he hugged Modiji, naturally people would be curious as Modiji is the most followed and respected leader in the world. When people watch Modiji also would watch the dynast and his hug. This would have prompted the dynast to do the theatrics of hug and then wink. But again the dynast had his doubts. When people watch Modiji whether his hug also would be watched and admired was the doubt of the dynast. So to make things look different, the dynast had winked in the parliament after hugging Modiji thinking that if his hug goes unnoticed at least his wink would win the hearts like the wink of Priya Varrier.

Unfortunately all the efforts of the dynast had gone waste and the act of both the hug and wink of the dynast had gone viral but for wrong reasons. Instead of some political mileage and recognition, people talked about the act of the dynast as joke and made fun and humour out of the hug and wink of the dynast. Indeed the hug and wink drama of the dynast has reiterated his first slot in Indian politics as the great entertainer of the century.

A cat if put stripes or spots in its body, will not look or become tiger or leopard. Originality and not imitation shall win in Indian politics.

Modiji is a class leader, a leader with vision, clarity, decisiveness, honesty, commitment and hard-work. On the contrary the dynast has come to the position purely due to his dynastic rule and not due to merit. That is why the present generation doesn’t like to connect with the dynast.  Unfortunately the dynast also has not put in enough efforts to improve his quality of speech with details instead he continues to utter vague and hypothetical statements.

What Modiji knows in his life is to work and work and work. He rose to this position through hard work and commitment. But on the contrary the dynast is been gifted with everything and is always surrounded by sycophants and ‘yes men’. Nothing the dynast would have achieved in his life through his merit and that is why the dynast follows the art of imitation. Even to gain some recognition, he has to choose Modiji and only through Modiji he can gain some prime time slot in news media.

Reason for the utter failure of his theatrics in Parliament ‘the hung and then wink drama’ may be due to his inborn confusion.

Whether to imitate Priya Varrier or hug Modiji which would give him better edge might have been his worry. Hence, he had decided to do the both with the hope that certainly he would get noticed. He got noticed and he was discussed about but for wrong reasons.

People could easily judge his acts to be a mere theatrics, a show, indeed flopped. Before blaming the actor, we must know who had directed the masterpiece, who wrote the script & screen play, who gave the rehearsal to the dynast and finally who said ‘light, camera, action’.

Instead of becoming a box office hit, the hug and wink drama has become a super-duper flop and made people to laugh and not to change his title as the best comedian and entertainer of the century.

The question before Indians is that are you going to gift India to such hands in 2019?

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