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It is time for the right wing to wake up and hold its leaders accountable

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Public Health Scientist, Hindustani Singer, Kuchipudi Dancer, Ardent Traveller, Polyglot. Badly needs a break!

The gruesome murders of Hindu priests in Auraiya have jolted Kanpur region, with reports emerging that similar incidents have occurred elsewhere in the state. The English news channels have no interest in covering the news.

The Left ecosystem wants to paint a picture where minorities and dalits are cowering in fear of the oppressive upper caste Hindus. Lets look at this particular crime – two priests murdered in the most torturous way and one more priest grievously injured inside a temple by “misguided youth”. This flies in the face of the narrative; hence the understandable apathy of the English news channels which are predominantly left leaning.

Remember how the media highlighted alleged cases of lynching by Gaurakshaks, though most of them turned out to be anything but? Any murder of a person belonging to the dalit or the minority communities that happens in the country is probed from the Gaurakshak angle first and then a caste violence angle. The headlines clearly mention which community the victim belongs to and the two angles are alluded to, whether or not they are true. The chorus had grown so shrill that the Prime Minister had to talk about “Gaurakshak violence” multiple times.

Incidents like the one at Auraiya are occurring when there is a BJP government both in the state and the center. Right wing supporters are routinely being slayed in left wing bastions. The BJP governments are supposed to be right wing governments, which many people with opposing ideologies feared would be majoritarian. Under a truly majoritarian government, would such incidents receive such little importance?

To the credit of the Yogi Adityanath government, prompt action is being taken in this case. But since it has become evident that the motive of the attack on the priests was their opposition to cow slaughter, will the Right Wing make enough noise as to force the Prime Minister to talk about the meat mafia and the political murders of right wing supporters in his Mann Ki Baat?

Even after the BJP came into power at the center, the attacks on Hindus and Hinduism have not abated. The Hindu terror bogey has made a comeback, temples have still not been freed from government control, temple properties continue to be mismanaged by state endowment boards, the Aryan “invasion” theory continues to be taught in schools, right-wing supporters are murdered and conversion factories continue to run.


Most of these like freeing up temples and removing Aryan invasion theory from the curriculum are low hanging fruits which the BJP has not dared to pluck. Earlier the right-wing was vigilant because we knew that the government is not sympathetic to our cause; now we continue to face the threats but we are lax because we feel we are protected. When mosquitoes suck blood, we immediately come to know and try to take corrective action, but when leeches suck blood, we do not come to know in good time.

For way too long the right-wing has been asking where is the media and the “intellectuals” selective in their outrage and why Bollywood is silent when the victims are Hindus. Why do we expect the Left ecosystem to fight our battles for us? Why do we expect them to care about the things we hold dearly?

It is time for us to run our own hashtags, for the right wing intellectuals to step up and concertedly return their awards if need be and use every platform available to talk about violence unleashed on the Hindus in general and right wing supporters in particular. We must hold our own candle light vigils. It is time to get out of our closed groups on social media and engage with the other side on open forums.


Counter narratives must be set, meme wars must be fought and fence sitters must be won over. Constructive criticism must be fostered and those who are quick to label anyone questioning the government must be discouraged. The government which we elected must be accountable to everyone, but the party we put in power must not simply assume the support of its loyalists.

May the murdered victims attain sadgati and may the slumbering right wing wake up from the anesthesia of having put a party of its liking in power and face the reality staring at us – nobody but us cares for the Hindu.

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Public Health Scientist, Hindustani Singer, Kuchipudi Dancer, Ardent Traveller, Polyglot. Badly needs a break!

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