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Narendra Modi, hope of the present generation

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Dear PM Modi,

It was with great hope and fanfare that the people of this great Nation voted for Modi as PM and not BJP as a party and blessed you with a brute majority.

Four years are over and elections in 2019 are just ten months away. The narrative has slipped badly against you and your government especially amongst the middle classes, business’, and the farmers.

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You as an individual have worked your heart out over the past four years and have tremendously changed the country and its destiny with schemes like Ujwala, Electricity for all, Railway reforms, Massive road and Infra developments , NCLT debt, NPA recovery, Jan Dhan, amongst others to count a few of your major achievements and the success on foreign soil in getting India on the high tables of World powers will go down annals in golden letters.

But with a pinch of salt and pain in my heart I would like to point out that we Indians and especially Hindus as a community have always been divided and have worked to pull each other down resulting in the country being enslaved for close to 900 years, still we haven’t learnt our lessons fully and continue to tread the same destructive path which has ruined us over centuries. We have a tremendously short vision, personal ego and selfish thoughts like what have I gained personally over what is good for our Nation and its Destiny, we have a habit of enjoying short-term gains at the cost of long-term pain.

Thus your measures on black money and tax leakages like Demo and GST have not gone down too well with the business community who are used to friendlier Governments which in the past have followed “khao aur khane do” attitude. Also, although the intent was appreciated by many, the shoddy implementation and cumbersome procedure ensured that the goodwill of the measure was lost to people at large. The middle classes expected big tax reliefs but got a pittance of their expectations thus your measures of fiscal prudence though may be appreciated by World Bank/International Rating Agencies/World Economic Forums is leading to heartburn amongst the middle classes and businesses at large.

No doubt the middle classes are choosing to ignore that they may not have got much tax reliefs directly but with low inflation, low-interest rates and low property prices means that a rupee in hand is fetching them more than it did pre 2014, but you can’t grudge them as most of us are too busy in making ends meet to have undertaken such cost-benefit analysis.

The farmers too are deeply anguished for not getting the right price for their produce, as well as falling farm produce prices as well as non-implementation of the 1.5 times, cost MSP as promised.

Surely you being PM must be abreast with these issues. We as a Nation and as Hindu’s would be again pushed back by a few decades in case 2004 like verdict is repeated in 2019 and the khichdi sarkar lead by shezada or a robot appointed by madam will again plunder the country and give up all gains consolidated by your hard work and vision and the usual loot and “khao aur khane do” days will return with huge scams being the norm .

It is thus humbly prayed that in this last year leading to the election please focus less on fiscal prudence and open your wallet and give relief to farmers by implementing 1.5 times cost promise, farm loan wavers, middle classes by lower direct tax rates, lower fuel prices, to business’ by a simpler/lesser GST slabs and returns, stopping raid raj and Hindus at large by undertaking measures like action against Rohingayas, tougher action against Pakistan and terrorists in Kashmir, crackdown on Anti India establishments like Hurriyat, JNU, protection of temples, stopping religious conversions to name a few.

These measures will help in getting the positive buzz back and also reinforce the narrative that we have elected a ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’ as our PM who will take care of development with protection of Nation and Religion.

We don’t need you just in 2019 but in 2024 as well to make India great again.

Raman Mehta

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