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Just another episode of Liberals and their hypocrisy

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Dear sanctimonious liberals,

ABC’s show ‘Quantico’ which stars your favorite “International Star” Priyanka Chopra has recently been in the news for inappropriately portraying Hindu Nationalists as terrorists.  These terrorists were planning to bomb Manhattan as an attempt to disrupt the peace process involving our neighbour country. Later, ABC and Priyanka Chopra apologized for causing offense which was a welcome move but as it always has, the liberals felt that outrage was baseless as it was just “fiction”. They accused people who demanded an apology from the network and the Indian actress as being bullish and intolerant.

Before we start analyzing this, let me bring your attention on another incident which prompted ABC network to not only rebuke one of its showrunner’s controversial tweet but also cancel it show immediately. Mind you, the showrunner Ms. Roseanne Barr is a renowned artist, not an upcoming one. The liberal sections of America have been criticizing her for supporting and defending their President Donald J. Trump. In her tweet (which cost her the show) she tweeted – ” hybrid of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes – VJ “where she was referring to Valerie Jarrett who was the former advisor of Obama. The ABC’s president described her tweet as “abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with our values”. Just imagine the disproportionate authority that the PC (politically correct) movement asserts in a country whose ‘First Amendment’ in its Constitution is dedicated to free speech. So the Indian liberals should know that there is nothing “inconsistent’ with ABC and Priyanka Chopra apologizing who also actively espouse such PC culture.

The controversial episode also has the “Hindu Nationalist-Terrorist” wearing rudraksha mala. This is nothing but ‘Cultural Appropriation’. Let me again bring your attention to another event where the same PC culture sentinels ganged up on a teenager for wearing a ‘Chinese dress’ to a prom and citing it as a disrespect to the culture involved i.e. Cultural Appropriation. On a lighter side, this means “My culture is my culture. None of your culture”. While the furor was only limited to the US and not China where there are happy that their culture is being recognized.

The above events show that your ilk is not only hypocritical but also inconsistent in their views. Though you might be indifferent to the malicious portrayal of Hindus and implicit glorification of ‘Terroristan’, we are not and will let your sanctimonious attitude shove down our throats. For a channel which is the forebearer of PC culture (as the Quantico showrunner said that there will be no Muslim terrorist in their show), you should definitely apologize for not only stepping onto a complex issue but also for your wrongful depiction of the same. In this period when there is a lot of vicious propaganda is running against Hindus and India where every time they equate our democratically elected.

PM to an authoritarian dictator, we will fight against their narrative. You can continue to circlejerk your hypocritical ideals while we defend the pride of our nation.

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